Accountability: Morning Pages

A friend and I meet at the gym twice a week. Week in and week out. I’m there for her. She’s there for me. Sometimes our schedules don’t quite mesh, but we do the best we can to keep each other on track. It’s been a game-changer for this “always picked last in gym” person, who used to avoid the fitness center like the proverbial plague.

Our current workout program ends with either extended lunges or  prolonged squats. Twenty seconds doesn’t sound like much, but when your thigh muscles are screaming, it feels like an eternity. Twenty seconds times four rounds. We push each other through this part. Honestly, she’s better at that than I am. She’ll remind me to breathe, while I’m thinking “How can you talk??!!” Point is, left to my own devices, the odds are significantly higher that I’d make an excuse to give up.

It’s all about accountability. I show up because she does. She shows up because I do.

Over the weekend, I dug out some books from the “to be read” pile, and settled down on the patio during a steamy Sunday afternoon with Julia Cameron’s Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance. In it, she lays out what she calls her “basic tools”—Morning Pages, Artist Dates, and Walking. I skimmed one of her other books, The Artist’s Way, years ago, where the same tools were described. The idea of Morning Pages has intrigued me ever since, but do I ever get up and write? Nope. Never.

Morning Pages

I have this terrific Seven Seas “Writer” journal with 480 pages of exquisite Tomoe River paper, well-loved and inked fountain pens at the ready, and yet, when I wake up, I screw around on my phone. Then it’s time to shower, cook breakfast, make my tea, and zip off to work. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

So I’m putting this out there. I need an accountability partner (or partners) for my morning pages, just as much as I need one at the gym. Anybody game?

21 thoughts on “Accountability: Morning Pages

  1. I’m game. Many years ago I bought The Artist’s Way and had every intention of methodically going through the book, but only made it about half way. I would love to write and create more than I do, and perhaps have an excuse for my pen and paper addiction. This may be the chance. 📝😀

  2. I would love to join you as well. The “screwing around on the phone” first thing in the morning resonated for me. I need ink and page time!

    • Yay! So far there’s three of us. A team is beginning to form! I’ll send you my email address so we can encourage each other.

    • It absolutely is. I want the Crossfield version, too, but promised myself I’d fill this one up first. It also helps that it’s always out of stock…otherwise I’d probably snap and buy one. Love grid!

    • Morning pages are three pages of longhand writing done first thing in the morning. The point is to get your thoughts onto the page without censoring/editing/thinking too much so that you can start the day with a clear head. I’ve wanted to do this for years, but have never been able to motivate myself. I’m hoping that a team approach will change that. Of course, if you want to write more or less…or draw…or whatever, I think that’s cool, too! There will be no morning pages police. Let’s have fun with this!

  3. Many moons ago, I was briefly a part of a group of women who were working through The Artist’s Way. Sadly, I moved out of town before we got very far, but the one thing I remember from that time was the morning pages. I’d like to try that again and see where it takes me!

    • Excellent! I’ve done 5 days so far (thanks to our little group), and it’s already something that I feel like I WANT TO DO forever. I know it’s early in the process, but I think I can already see a benefit. Welcome!

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