Tessellations Coloring Book

So…life keeps happening. My mom was recently diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm and will need surgery in the (hopefully) near future. My sister and I are taking turns getting our parents groceries, driving them to doctor’s appointments and tests, and trying to keep the mood light. Tricky stuff.

We’re all feeling the stress and strain of the unknown. We’re all stretched a little too thin. We all need a little relief.

This coloring book, Tessellations by Creative Haven, picked up on sale at Barnes & Noble, is the perfect thing for a little mental respite. It’s full of geometric drawings that are detailed enough to be fun, but not SO detailed that coloring becomes stressful. Settling down with a page and my colored pencils keeps my mental gears from grinding on unpleasant thoughts. The toughest decision is which shade of blue to use. The other day, coloring even took my headache away.

The page above is a work in progress.

Just like life.