Goodbye Serious: Uni-ball Signo DX Hello Kitty Gel Pens

Hello Kitty Uniball Signo DXs

Life has been a little too serious for a little too long. Though I try my best to have some fun and to look for the bright spots in every day (and really, there are A LOT), sometimes I let myself get sucked into a negative mood vortex. When that happens, it can be hard to claw my way out. Episodes of “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” help. So do pens. Especially Hello Kitty pens.

Uni-ball Signo DXs

These inexpensive ($3.00 a pop) Uni-ball Signo DX Hello Kitty gel pens have a lot going for them, which makes them the perfect antidote for a case of the serious.

Uni-ball Signo DX Hello Kitty gel pens

Considerably less finicky than the Pilot Hi-Tec-C, the cone-shaped 0.38 mm tip delivers a consistently crisp, precise, and reliable line. I’ve never had to do a bunch of scribbling to get the ink flowing as I so often have to do with the needle-tip Hi-Tec-Cs. Even if I haven’t used a particular Uni-Ball Signo DX for awhile, there’s never an issue getting it to lay down ink on paper. Uncap it. Use it. Simple.

Uni-ball Signo DX Hello Kitty gel pens

The gel ink never bleeds or feathers, and feels impressively smooth, even in this micro tip size. I think it’s fantastic. Available in seven colors (I’m not seeing black listed anymore…hmmm), and only in the 0.38 mm tip size, these are great pens to use in your planner or pocket notebook. I carry mine tucked into a Nock Co. Fodderstack and routinely jot down notes and grocery lists on my DotDash 3×5 Notecards. They’re also refillable, with Uni-ball UMR-1 refills, so there’s no need to throw away the pen body when the ink runs out.

Hello Kitty gel pens

The textured grip makes for a comfortable and slip-free writing experience. The cap snaps onto both ends of the pen with a reassuring CLICK. Neither your fingers, nor the cap, are going anywhere.

PLUS- Hello Kitty graphics! I assure you, I’m no die-hard Hello Kitty fan, and don’t own any other Hello Kitty products, but these pens are seriously cute. Adorned with Hello Kitty bows in the same color as the ink, and tiny kitty faces, these particular Uni-ball Signo DXs are the ones I reach for most often. They’re kind of adorable, right?

Uniball Signo DX Hello Kitty gel pens

I own a lot of pens—a lot of pricier and more complicated pens. But sometimes you just want…or need…a simple, reliable, and CUTE pen. Something you can quickly uncap and use. Something that will always write, and do so smoothly and with precision. Something that makes you smile.

Uni-ball Signo DX Hello Kitty gel pens

Hello Kitty. Goodbye serious.

All pens and products mentioned here were purchased with my own funds, and there are no affiliate links in this review. 

Short and Sweet: Uniball Signo DX 0.28 (Brown-Black)

I’ve been down with the plague, so I lost the weekend and the beginning of the week. Here it is, Thursday already. Time to post, but time is short. So let’s just get to it with this current favorite, the Uniball Signo DX 0.28 mm with brown-black ink.

I purchased this awhile ago and kind of back-burnered it, but recently picked it up again and boy oh boy, it’s pretty sweet. (Not short, just sweet.)

Super affordable at a mere $2.50, the Signo DX could be considered a basic gel pen, but that would be shortchanging it. The body, though plastic, is solid. Basic, but solid. The tip is sturdy, even at the ultra-fine 0.28 mm. You could lean on this bad boy point and not do it any damage.

The grip perfectly suits the pen, very functional with a simple “dimpled” design. It just feels good.

The best part about this pen is the ultra-crisp line that it lays down. There is a bit of feedback from the fine, fine tip, but nothing that I’d call scratchiness. I just love how super sharp my words look. How crisp. How clean. (Oh, my…it sounds like Sprite.) And I’m a big fan of the brown-black ink having recently developed a “thing” for brown inks.

There’s a satisfying, but subtle, “snap” when you post the cap or recap the pen. And a cute little reminder to “Recap After Use.” CLICK.

If you’re looking for a super affordable, but well-made pen, with an ultra-fine line, the Signo DX 0.28 mm is a sweet, sweet choice.

And that is that.