Shawn Newton’s Pen Scholarship Fund

Student Art postcards

Shawn Newton is an art teacher and a pen maker with a mission— a mission to “pay it forward” as a way of honoring the generosity of his mother’s friend who paid for his first two years of college. Her financial assistance meant that Shawn was able to attend college to become an art teacher, and ultimately, to share his love of art with all of his students.

Shawn tells that story in a short write-up and video HERE.

Student Art postcard

Shawn established his own scholarship program for high school students planning to go to college anywhere in the US. Students in any part of the US can apply— not just students from Shawn’s home state of Arkansas, and not just art students.

As we all know books and food and gas and tuition are expensive, so every little bit helps when it comes to affording college. And that’s where we all come in.


We can help build his Newton Pens Scholarship fund by purchasing packs of postcards— five postcards for $10 (free shipping). The postcard assortment features the colorful, creative,  and/or mixed media artwork of his students. The photos in this post feature the postcards from a pack I purchased in the past. There’s a new assortment available now, so I had to have a pack of those, too.

But wait…there’s MORE!

I  pens

When you purchase the cards, Shawn assigns you a number for his monthly drawing for the chance to win your very own Shawn Newton pen! (I drooled over a number of his pens at the DC Pen Show but don’t own any as yet. Fingers crossed!) If your number is drawn, you can pick any model, any size, and any material that Shawn has in stock. (Extras like a gold nib or a special filling system are…well…extra.)

So $10 gets you a pack of unique postcards, a chance to win an amazing pen, AND the knowledge that you’ve helped a high school student with his or her college expenses.

That’s quite a deal.


The current entry period opened on January 20th and closes on February 1st, so the time to act is NOW. To enter, send $10 (or $20 or $30…) via PayPal to and Shawn will reply via email with your raffle number. Your postcards will arrive soon thereafter.

Robot and Face

And if you want to enter without sending any money, that’s possible, too. Shawn explains ALL OF the details HERE.

I’ve treated myself to plenty of wonderful pens, papers, and inks, and love the feeling I get when a package arrives in the mail. Buying these postcards, and helping Shawn help some kids, well…that’s a feeling that burns a little brighter and deeper.


Shawn didn’t have anything to do with this post. I just love his pens, postcards, and mission. I hope you do, too.

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