New Additions: Edison & TWSBI

Christmas came a little early this year. New pens? Nope. Something better.


Formerly Abbott and Costello

Meet our newly adopted 10-week old brothers.

My last cat, Smokey Lonesome, died in late October at the age of fourteen. I’ve had a cat (or cats) almost continuously since 1980, so being catless felt very strange. But I didn’t want to rush into anything and figured that finding some new cats would be a good post-Christmas project. (December is such a hectic month, in case you haven’t noticed.)


Briefly caged for a photo-op. Note the ears of displeasure.

Then fate intervened. I had dinner with some high school friends last Saturday night and when the conversation turned to pets, I mentioned how I was thinking about getting a pair of kittens…eventually. That casual remark triggered the woman on my right to excitedly scroll through a local rescue’s photos until she found the first photo in this post. Little Abbott and Costello, bonded brothers rescued from a barn as tiny kittens, were up for adoption.


I called the rescue on Sunday, put in an application over the phone, and by Monday morning I’d been approved. Monday evening we brought our new little boys home. It all happened so fast that I had to do a lot of kitten name brainstorming very quickly. I thought about naming them after foods (Honey and Waffles), or Christmas movies (Ralphie and Flick, Clarence and George), OR fountain pens. After intense deliberation, Abbott and Costello became Edison and TWSBI. I think their names suit them, don’t you?  (TWSBI should confound the vets. A little pen/pet humor!)


A rare quiet moment.

Edison is the brains of the operation—the one who leads the way. TWSBI is more of a follower, up for adventure as long as Edison does it first. I can’t for the life of me get anything but a blurry photo of TWSBI, but what’s adorable is that he has little gray markings on his toes—like he dipped them in some Montblanc Oyster Gray ink.


Edison approves of the newly assembled cat tree.

They’re sweet little monkeys who clearly love each other, and they love us, too. The feeling is mutual.

Welcome home, Edison and TWSBI.