A NICE free pen? Yup!

For a quick and local holiday getaway, we spent a night, last week, at The Lodge At Turning Stone. Turning Stone is known for its Oneida Nation casino, and has three hotels on its grounds. We’re not gamblers (too cheap, no luck), but have wanted to stay at The Lodge since we first explored the peaceful lobby a number of years ago. The beauty of The Lodge is that even though its connected to the main casino/bingo hall and restaurants by an indoor bridge, it feels worlds away in atmosphere. No smoke. No milling crowds. And did I mention no smoke? Just peace and quiet, friendly/helpful employees, and a very spa-like feel. See?



While Fred was parking the truck, I headed up to our room and started checking out the amenities– AND I almost drank a $2.00 (small!) bottle of Saratoga water thinking that it was free. Eek. The suite was wonderful…cool bathroom (phone by toilet??), comfortable sitting room, cozy bedroom, two TVs, nice desk, free wif-fi, and magazines. Sweet.

As I was poking around, I found the obligatory notepad and pen. Actually two. And imagine my surprise when the pen had heft! This was not one of those god-awful, barely writes hotel pens. (Hate those…and yet I take them. WHY??) The body had the look of brushed metal and wrote a nice dark line. Must dissect, I thought. When I yanked it apart, I found a familiar Cross refill. Color me impressed.


The tip is extended by twisting the pen body, which is nice. I’m a nervous pen clicker so with a twisting pen, that temptation is removed. Probably a good thing.

Our stay was short but wonderful. We enjoyed the spa’s hot tub, the lobby’s chaise lounges and fireplace, and the peace and quiet. When we left, I took the charming little soaps, and of course, this pen.


One year’s ended, and the new one has begun. May your year be full of happiness. And nice pens.