In a bad mood? Erase it!

It’s been an odd week. Lots of little frustrations and glitches keep cropping up in my work day and even in my evenings (e.g., prescription debacle…so fun). So when I came home to a complimentary little package from JetPens the other day, I ripped into it immediately. And what greeted me in that package instantly made me smile.

The Iwako Giraffe Novelty Eraser is simply adorable.


It’s small, about 1.5″ tall, but Iwako packs a lot of cute and rubbery goodness into the little critter.

I smiled. Despite the prescription thing. Despite a broken refrigerator. Despite a non-functioning car window. I smiled.

Could my usual erasers make that happen? I don’t think so.

Erasers, yes. But no novelty. And no smile.

Believe it or not, I actually have an eraser story from my childhood. (What? You don’t?) In the first grade, a friend let me borrow her Frito Bandito eraser for a few days. Problem is, I bonded with Mr. Frito Bandito, and remember feeling crushed when I had to give it back. Yes, I actually MISSED an eraser. I’ve since recovered. Sort of.

Whereas the Frito Bandito eraser was one molded piece, the Iwako giraffe can be disassembled. I found that the head pops off easily, as do the giraffe’s “side panels.”

A little disturbing, maybe?

“Put me back together, please!”

Because it’s so easily disassembled, obviously this product is better suited for those who are old enough to handle erasers without taste-testing them.

Once reassembled, I took the giraffe for an erasing test drive. Can something so adorable really get the job done? The answer is a resounding YES.

Erased squiggle

Erased 3 and 5

I have to admit that I was surprised at how well the giraffe’s butt (I couldn’t bring myself to use his cute little head) erased both the squiggle and the numbers. This thing has the looks AND a serious work ethic, which is quite the bargain at $0.99.

“This isn’t all that comfortable.”

Available individually, or as part of a 6-piece set (you could swap heads!), the Iwako giraffe is just the ticket to erase a bad day.

Simply irresistible. Take THAT, Mr. Frito Bandito!