Bullseye: The Quiver Pen Holder

The Quiver Pen Holder was provided to me for review purposes. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions are my own. I swear on my Girl Scout sash with the three badges.

Quiver Pen Holder

Way way back in the 1970’s, archery was a sport that I seemed to have a knack for. In fact, I actually made the varsity team while I was still in junior high. Because I was one of the least athletic people to roam the halls of Perry Junior High, my unexpected sporting success caused a crack in the universe and the archery team was de-funded and disbanded before I ever got a chance to compete.

Even though my archery career lasted just a millisecond, I did learn that a quiver is the thing that keeps your arrows close at hand. Which is important. To, you know, have critical items at the ready.

Fast forward from junior high to 2013, and the sport I’m NOW best at is “Where did I put that (fill-in-the-blank)?” Glasses, phone, a favorite pen. I tend to set them down without thinking and then make laps around the house checking the usual haunts in an attempt to track down the missing, and quite necessary, item. Talk about a time suck.

Quiver Pen Holder
Large (A5) Quiver with orange stitching

So when I was given the chance to test-drive a Quiver Pen Holder, I couldn’t refuse. The Quiver I received is a great-looking (and smelling!) leather pen holder that easily straps to my Moleskine’s spine so that my favorite pen is right there when I’m ready to write. No hunting required. If you’re like me, just before racing off to a meeting, you’re trying to gather up everything you need including your notebook and pen. With the Quiver installed, I just grab the notebook and I’m good to go. The pen automatically comes along for the ride.

How to install
In case you get confused (though you probably won’t)

I had a momentary mental lapse when I took my Quiver out of the package and couldn’t quite figure out how to install it on my large Moleskine notebook. (Rough day, I guess. It’s really quite obvious and simple.) But never fear, the folks at Quiver include a nice little pamphlet that shows you, with drawings, exactly what to do. As they say, when all else fails, follow the directions.

Inside the Quiver
Inside view

For this model, the two elastic bands slip over the front and back covers and the leather Quiver wraps around the notebook’s spine. Very simple.

From the inside of the Moleskine
Inside the notebook cover

Holding my rOtring ballpoint
Keeping my rOtring ballpoint protected AND ready for action

The view from above
The view from above

Even with the Quiver installed on the spine, my Moleskine opens flat and is easy to write in. Until the leather softens and bends easily, there is a little bit of a “lump” on the spine, but I don’t find that this hinders my ability to write on either side of the page. My Quiver holds slim (rOtring) to medium-sized (Karas Kustoms Render K) pens. Should you wish to carry a thicker pen like the Lamy Safari, the two-pen, cover-mounted Quiver can be used to accommodate a single, thicker pen.

Moleskine with Quiver installed
Open Moleskine with Quiver installed

Along with the model shown in this review, Quivers are also available in one and two pen styles that are installed on a notebook’s front cover rather than around the spine. All Quivers are hand-sewn using high-quality leather and marine-grade thread for a product that will last for years. Each is triple-inspected and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ever unhappy, return the Quiver for a replacement or a full refund.

Quivers are available in three sizes— A6 (for notebooks measuring 5.5-6.5″ tall), A5 (for notebooks measuring 8-9.25″ tall), and A4 (for notebooks measuring 9.25-12″ tall). The extra-large, A4, size works very well on Apple iPad cases so that a stylus or stylus/pen can be paired with the tablet. Choose from brown, black, mocha, and pink leathers, as well as red, orange, or yellow stitching with the black leather. That’s a lot of options!

Holding my Delrin Render K
Holding my Delrin Render K

Quivers fit on the following hard-cover notebooks:

  • Rhodia
  • Quo Vadis
  • Moleskine
  • ecosystems by Barnes & Noble
  • Leuchtturm 1917
  • Letts of London
  • Piccadilly
  • Black n’ Red

Quiver also offers a soft cover notebook adapter. It’s obvious that they’ve really thought this through!

Available from quiverglobal.com and Amazon, as well as from many retailers across the globe (including one of my personal favorites, Anderson Pens), getting your own Quiver is a snap no matter where you live.

Quiver Pen Holders

The Quiver Pen Holder makes it simple for me to carry my notebook and my favorite pen as a pair, and does it with style. Though my archery career was extremely short-lived, I know when something’s right on target.

The Quiver Pen Holder? Well, that’s a bullseye.