The Rainbow Titanium Nitride Fisher Space Pen Bullet Ballpoint. Wow, that’s a mouthful!

Rainbow Nitride Titanium Fisher Space Pen

I recently wrote a review of this magically colored Fisher Space Pen for The Pen Company.

Pocket pens

It certainly stands out in a crowd of pocket pens.

The Rainbow Fisher Space Pen

I’m a fan. I mean, look at this thing! You can read my review HERE.

Rainbow Fisher Space Pen

Thanks to The Pen Company for providing the pen, and for the chance to write for them.

(I was not monetarily compensated, and there are no affiliate links in this post.)

KABOOM! The Montegrappa DC Comics™ Penguin Fountain Pen

Sincere thanks to Kenro Industries for loaning me the DC Comics™ pen reviewed here. The pen will be returned to them while I’ll be keeping the open bottle of ink as well as a pad of Montegrappa paper. I was not monetarily compensated, and there are no affiliate links. I’ve had a blast using Montegrappa’s DC Comics™ Penguin fountain pen and am happy to share my thoughts and experiences with you.

Montegrappa DC Comics Penguin Pen

The year is 1966. I’m seven years old and sitting in our basement playroom on a perfectly sunny day. Despite parental pleading (i.e., YELLING) to go outside and play, I sit glued to the TV, worried, yet again, about the fate of my beloved Batman.  He’s in another cliff-hanger situation, knocked unconscious by a cloud of poison emitted from the tip of the Penguin’s umbrella. I fear that he may never wake up. (I’m a second-grader, and don’t yet understand the manipulative ways of TV.) So I fret, until the next episode, where Batman springs back to life, once again ready to defend Gotham City.

Ah, memories.

Montegrappa Penguin Fountain Pen

Montegrappa brings back all of those childhood memories with its DC Comics™ Penguin Fountain Pen. One of the series of four villains (Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Cat Woman) and Heroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern), the Penguin fountain pen is full of evocative details. The pen is solid brass and sports a thick, pin-striped lacquer finish that perfectly captures the Penguin’s iconic trousers.

Umbrella logo

The Penguin’s umbrella served him well as he waged war on Batman and Gotham City. In addition to spewing out knockout gas, the umbrella was used as a parachute, and to inflict pain with its razor sharp tip. You’ll find the Penguin’s notorious accessory on the end of the pen’s cap, and twice on the pen’s flat, broad clip—once in the right hand of our villain and again at the bottom of the clip.

Clip on the Penguin Fountain Pen

The substantial, spring-loaded clip matches the heft of the pen, and features a relief of a celebratory Penguin. Capped, the Penguin pen weighs in at a beefy 57 grams. Even uncapped, this is a weighty pen (31 g), and to be honest, I thought the heaviness would put me off. Surprisingly, though, I found that the heftiness of the pen was actually an advantage as I barely had to press the nib to paper when writing. The weight of the pen did the work for me. Balance is very good so I experienced no hand fatigue while writing with the pen (and I’m no weight-lifter!). Posting the snap cap (26 g), on the other hand, makes the pen far too top heavy, so using the pen unposted really is a must.

The Penguin fountain pen

Lest you think that this is a gimmicky pen without writing chops, think again. While all of the villainous details make this a fun pen, it really is a serious writer. I filled the included converter with Montegrappa Blue and the pen wrote immediately and very smoothly. I’ve experienced nothing but great performance from the steel, medium nib. No hard starts, no skipping, no stutters. (It should be noted that the pen is only available with a medium nib. Not a problem for me as “medium” is my sweet-spot of late, but this limitation may not suit everyone’s taste.)

The Penguin's steel, medium nib

Maybe it’s my imagination, but I feel like the well-tuned nib coupled with the pen’s weight make my handwriting better than usual. I really was surprised at how comfortable and effortless this pen feels in hand.

The Penguin fountain pen

This is the first Montegrappa pen I’ve used and it’s been a great experience. While I thought this Penguin pen would be fun but not for me, I quickly changed my mind when the nib hit the page. This is a heavyweight writer that can handle serious work with a light-hearted touch.

Penguin fountain pen

Life can be rough, but after a few strokes of the pen—KABOOM!—my stress disappeared for awhile. Montegrappa’s DC Comics™ Penguin fountain pen reminds me of those simpler childhood days, where my only worry was Batman’s ability to save himself from the poisonous attacks of the Penguin.

That’s a feat more impressive than any of the Penguin’s diabolical umbrella tricks.

You can explore the full line of Montegrappa’s DC Comics™ fountain pens, ballpoints, and rollerballs at Fountain Pen Hospital.

An Update

Spinal tap

About two weeks ago, I finally had the spinal tap that I’ve been working like crazy to get scheduled. (Yes, not only do you have to have a dreaded medical thing, but you must beg to get it scheduled!) Surprisingly, the procedure was not bad at all, thanks to a super nice and skilled doctor. She did such a superb and painless job that I sent her a note thanking her for being a bright spot in an emotional and lengthy process.

The results came in last week and finally confirmed what I pretty much already knew…it’s MS.

I’ll see my doctor at the end of September to discuss the laundry list of questions I’m compiling (on DotDash 3×5 cards!) about my results and his recommended treatment. I’m also planning to attack this nutritionally, with the help of information passed along by friends who are dealing with their own auto-immune issues. So begins Phase II of this thing.

Vespa scooters

It’s been a long, weird summer, and yet so much is still the same. Despite legs that feel a little odd, I’m working hard, walking as much as possible, starting Tai Chi again this week, and beginning another round of the Whole Life Challenge in a few weeks. Friends and family buoy me up, make me laugh, and keep me distracted. Fred and I have been riding our scooters and are planning to spend Saturday at the state fair. Totally normal stuff.

So this is my thing to deal with and figure out. You may have your own thing. And if (or when) you do, I encourage you to focus on the words that Leigh Reyes happened to send to me as part of an auction package I won during her “Pens for Aid” fundraising project almost two years ago. Who knows why Leigh chose these particular words to send my way in 2013, but she did. And they help. Every day.

You are Stronger...

“You are stronger than you can imagine.”

Turns out, maybe I am. And you are, too.