The Rotring Skynn for Dummies (and by “dummies,” I mean me)

Review: Page 1

Review: Page 2

This pen confused the heck out of me. I’m pretty pen savvy, but after I unboxed this one, I seriously COULD NOT figure out how to extend the writing tip. Baffled, is what I was. Crazy, I know.

Where’s the writee part?

I tried pushing on what appeared to be a knock, but nothing.

Nope…that won’t work

I twisted the front section of the pen. Still nothing.

What the…?!

And why, I wondered, are there TWO holes where the tip should come out??

Why two??

I couldn’t believe a pen was getting the best of me, but clearly it was. I even briefly considered googling “Rotring Skynn- how to use.” Seriously. I did.

I hate to admit how long it took me to finally realize that the front section is REMOVABLE and is A CAP. And those aren’t really holes…just pseudo holes. (It took me awhile. Yup.) Once I yanked off the cap, THERE was the point. Sheesh.


And my confusion/stupidity didn’t stop there. I kept setting the pen cap down on my desk or clutching it in my hand, then realized that it could be posted. Doh.

Posted cap

I don’t know. Maybe I need more vitamins or ginseng or something.

With all of those struggles behind me, I started playing with the Skynn, and immediately fell in love with the grip. It’s quite squishy and wonderfully shaped- super comfortable and fun to hold. The material isn’t tacky at all, so it’s not prone to picking up fuzz or dust or other pocket debris.

The grip

The writing experience (about time I got around to this, eh?!) is a smooth one and the gel (wait, it’s LIQUID ink…not gel) ink is solid and dark. The line is fairly bold, but sometimes a bold line is just what you want. The review above was written in a Levenger Circa notebook and there is maybe the tiniest amount of bleed, but on cheap (copy) paper, I did notice that feathering is more of an issue.

Larger writing sample

So if you ever pick up a Rotring Skynn, you’re now fully trained.

But then, you didn’t NEED training, did you?