When I won the stunning white Delta Fusion 82 in Leigh Reyes’s “Pens For Aid” online auction to benefit Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda victims, I won much more than a beautiful pen.

Leigh included an assortment of her own goodies, along with the pen, as her way of saying “thank you.” The notebooks, nibs, and case are very cool, but what I appreciate most is her original artwork- especially the piece that proclaims “You are stronger than you can imagine.”

Extra goodies


It’s been a trying week— a difficult week— and it’s only Wednesday. Yesterday afternoon I was present while one of my beloved 14-year old kitties was put to sleep. It was horrible— as these things always are— but sweet Sophie and I both knew that it was time. And now, a day later, we’re both in a better place.

As I’ve stepped away from the raw awfulness of that experience, Leigh’s artful, colorful, and inspiring words have been looping through my head.

“You are stronger than you can imagine.”

"You are stronger..."

I guess I am. And so are you. And so are we.

The pen community— our pen community— never ceases to amaze me for the way we encourage, entertain, care for, and comfort each other.

Pens are great, but pen people are greater.

With deep appreciation, to Leigh, and to all of you.