When Comfort Is Key: The Sensa Meridian Fountain Pen (M nib)

The Details…
Pen: Sensa Meridian, Stainless, Medium nib
Paper: Circa Rhodia via Levenger
Ink: Private Reserve Lake Placid Blue cartridge

Review, page 1 [click to enlarge]

Review, page 2 [click to enlarge]; Note: In the 7th line, the word “also” should be “always.” Oops.

I think the handwritten review pretty much says it all, but in a nutshell, I’m glad that Daly’s Pen Shop sends me their daily “specials” because sometimes you can pick up a real gem at a great price, and this Sensa Meridian falls into that category. Though the medium nib is much broader than I normally use, it gave me a great excuse to own a medium nib pen. I’m toying with the idea of having it ground to a finer size at some point, but we shall see. I may just leave it as is and enjoy its “mediumness.” It IS a joy to write with.

A few pictures:

The boxed set

Note that the pen looks pink/purple in the picture, but that’s just because the stainless finish was reflecting the color of my t-shirt. It is a MIRROR.

A good view of the pen rest/eye pillow

With regard to the eye pillow, the package insert states, “Used on the eyes at room temperature or chilled, your Satin Pillow produces total darkness which far exceeds the 67% of ambient light blocked by the human eyelid, The eye/brain reaction to total darkness is to send a relaxation response throughout the entire body. The Sensa Satin Pillow can restore your alertness, strength, and creativity in less than 5 minutes. We hope you enjoy it.” Why, yes…yes, I will!

Uncapped pen taking a nap

Nib view & shiny cap

The catch? Sensa Meridians appear to be tricky to come by, as I believe the line has been discontinued. Which is a shame, because who doesn’t need a little more comfort in their lives?! And strength. And creativity.

I KNOW I do.