The Green Ink Quest: Akkerman #28


Following up last week’s post, I spent time poking around online looking for just the right shade of green, and soon realized that ordering a handful of samples was the way to go. (Captain Obvious here.) Those samples arrived from Vanness Pens yesterday. I chose:

Private Reserve Spearmint
Diamine Woodland Evergreen
Robert Oster Green Green
Robert Oster Ryde Green
Akkerman #28/Hofkwartier Groen

There are a few more candidates that weren’t available as samples, but this group should  help me hone in on exactly which shade of green I’m looking for. I partially filled my medium-nibbed TWSBI ECO with the Akkerman #28, then wrote a letter and a journal entry.


Definitely promising. I like the freshness and subtle shading. It’s light but legible. I think I’m looking for just a bit more “pop,” but we shall see. Thanks to those who offered their recommendations, a few of which are among this first batch of samples.

My shoulder has been a bit more sore and achy lately thanks to some new exercises along with ramped up writing and computer work so I’m not journaling as much as I’d like. Despite the discomfort, my two-month, post-surgery followup went well this morning as my doctor feels I’m ahead of schedule with mobility and strength. I’m addicted (in the best way possible) to my pens, inks, notebooks, and paper, so this is a fun little, but not too tiring, project—exploring the freshness of spring with a variety of green inks.

Green leaves — you may believe this or not —
have once or twice
emerged from the tips of my fingers

deep in the woods
in the reckless seizure of spring.

—from Mary Oliver’s “Reckless Poem”

7 thoughts on “The Green Ink Quest: Akkerman #28

  1. You inspired me to review my less than meager collection of green inks. I was inspired to find a deeper, darker, richer green and chose Diamond Dark Forest. I’m pleased but may need to send for samples. So glad to hear your are healing well and ahead of the game! Stay safe.

  2. that akkerman is quite nice. I’ve been using GvFC Viper Green that is bright and similar but a shade deeper. Might want to check it out as well if #28 isn’t quite working for you.

  3. Looking forward to your opinion of how the Ryde Green looks on paper.😃👏🏻👏🏻 Bet you can’t tell how I feel about it.😄😄

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  5. If you’re still looking for that bright, *almost* fluorescent green that is nonetheless legible, you might try Diamine Apple Glory. Shading for days, reaching a bright, bright green in the lighter spots, but plenty of saturation in the darker spots to remain legible.

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