Stationery In Real Life: The Postcard Project

Box of Postcards

I’ve had this Friends of Type Keep Fresh Stay Rad giant box o’ postcards for awhile, and have slowly been using them to send quick notes to friends and family when there isn’t time for a full-blown letter. (I tend to make a federal case out of letter-writing, something I plan to work on and improve in 2017. A quick letter is better than NO letter, right?!) Even though I am using these postcards, it became apparent that it’d take me awhile to go through the whole box, and I’m trying to get better about using things up.

That issue was in my head when I read this article. (Go read it…it’s inspiring.) Too many postcards + the Seattle woman giving away postcards = my solution.

Postcard Project

I work at a college in upstate New York, managing the stockroom in the college’s Science Center. The stockroom has what I call “the pizza window” because it looks like a window that you’d walk up to to order pizza or ice cream or burgers. Students regularly come to the window, not for pizza but for chemicals and lab supplies—the perfect venue for offering free stamped postcards.

Some are inspiring.

Win the World!

Some are artfully profane, but a good reminder during stressful times, like final exams.

Chill the fuck out.

The students have been amused by the giveaway, and have politely asked, “Can I really take these?” Yes…absolutely! “That’s so cool!” they say as they smile and slide a carefully selected postcard into their lab coat pocket.

I like picturing the surprised recipients who probably don’t get much handwritten mail from their BUSY child/grandchild/sibling/friend. It really doesn’t take much time to lift someone’s day. A couple of minutes. A few words. A happy recipient.

Peace and Joy and Cake

Here’s to peace and joy (and cake) in the new year! Let’s stay in touch.

17 thoughts on “Stationery In Real Life: The Postcard Project

  1. Have you tried Postcrossing? I’ve sent & received a few postcards through that. I’m hoping to take part in incowrimo 2017 in February (you pledge to hand-write and mail or deliver one letter, card, note or postcard every day during the month of February.

  2. Oh, I love the article you linked to, and the idea of giving away postage-paid cards… I have a few boxes of postcards like that sitting on my shelves (including 100 Jane Austen postcards!) that need to be used this year!

  3. This is a wonderful post! Thank you! This is a great time to review my stationery drawer and my letter writing intent for 2017. Happy New Year!

  4. Fantastic idea! Read your post, admired the pictures, caught a glimpse of a Zebra Sarasa Clip?, then had to inspect photos again just for the pens. I like the purple/maroon one.

  5. Thank you, Mary, for your excellent, uplifting post – what a great idea! I was also happy to see the article about the Letter Farmer – I live out in the Seattle area and was not aware of this wonderful fairy godmother of stationary. I have signed up for her newsletter and will make a point to connect with her as soon as she’s nearby. Happy new year to you, Mary!!

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    • I totally stole…well, borrowed…the idea, but I’m really enjoying watching the reactions of the students. Most are so polite and shy about taking one. Cute.

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