The “Anti-Stealth” Edison Nouveau Premiere 2014 Spring Edition (Cherry Blossom)

A couple of weeks ago, I was blabbing about my love for all things stealth, like pens with black matte bodies and all-black nibs. I DO love those. I really do.

Edison Nouveau Premiere Cherry Blossom

But then I saw THIS pen on the Goulet Pens site and it’s obviously as “anti-stealth” as a pen can get. It’s pink and swirly and alive with depth and sheen. And it spoke to me. LOUDLY. Quite frankly, it would not shut up.

Pink & swirly!

Let’s set the groundwork— I’m not a pink person (she says, as she sits here wearing a pink shirt). Well, I did request a pink room when I was eight, but I chalk that up to falling for the “girl’s room = pink” stereotype of my youth. I’m much more drawn to earthy colors, and taupe. Lots of taupe. So me wanting this pink pen sort of came out of left field.

Sheen and depth and swirls!

It’s like how I LOVE the movie “The September Issue” despite being one of the least fashionable, comfort-trumps-all people I know. That movie, about the making of the September issue of Vogue magazine, is packed with moments of beauty, creative genius, and hard work. This pen, it seems to me, is packed with those as well.

Stabby ends

The Edison Nouveau Premiere model features a pointed body and cap, which makes it look a little “stabby.” That slightly tactical look, coupled with the luscious pink swirls, makes the pen that much more appealing to me. It’s like it’s tough and soft at the same time, which is a cool mix.

Translucent cap

One of my favorite things about the look of this pen is the translucency— how you can catch a glimpse of the nib and converter inside the pen. Coupled with the sheen and the swirls, this is, to me, the perfect look— full of interest and surprises.

Uncapped Cherry Blossom

The pen is a light one— 17g overall (10g body, 7g cap). This coupled with the nicely tapered grip makes it a great candidate for long writing sessions. The cap doesn’t post, but the uncapped body measures 5-1/8″ making it perfectly usable for just about everybody.

Edison nib

I ordered the pen with a medium steel nib, and after a bit of debate, filled the included converter with my beloved Levenger Shiraz ink. This is a “we were meant to be together” pairing, and writing letters and notes with this pen/ink is a true pleasure. The nib writes wonderfully. It’s juicy, with just a touch of feedback. No hard starts, no skipping. The ink always flows even if I’ve left the pen sitting for a couple of days.

Cherry Blossom

What’s really nice is that the #6 nibs are easily swappable. Just screw out one nib unit and screw in another. Because of this, I ordered a couple of spare nibs with my pen— a fine as well as a 1.1mm stub. It’s like having three pens in one for just a little more money.

Edison branding

As noted on the Goulet Pens website, “Edison Nouveau is a joint collaboration between Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Company, and Brian Goulet of the Goulet Pen Company. This is an exclusive line of Edison fountain pens available only through the Goulet Pen Company.” Branding is super subtle, and notes that this is the 2014 Spring Edition of the Edison Nouveau Premiere, meaning this version will only be available until mid/late June. It’s not a limited edition pen (i.e., there aren’t a limited number available), rather it’s available during a limited timeframe. I’m already anxious to see the 2014 Summer and Fall versions.

Oh, those swirls!

But for now, I love my pink Edison Nouveau Premiere, despite my professed love of black stealthy pens. (It’s our inconsistencies that make us interesting, right?) This pen positively POPS and sparkles and shines. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s fresh and swirly.

Edison Nouveau Premiere Cherry Blossom

It is the Cherry Blossom.


12 thoughts on “The “Anti-Stealth” Edison Nouveau Premiere 2014 Spring Edition (Cherry Blossom)

  1. Great review, enjoyed reading it. I am not a pink person, still am not, but I get why you like it. The combination with the “tough” shape I hadn’t thought about, but you are exactly right about that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Darn it Mary! Now you have that pen talking to me. I saw Brian’s review and photos- and luckily it just did not catch my eye. But your photos! …with the swirl and the translucence… and seemingly just a shade more raspberry than Brian’s photos…they have me drooling.
    –Normally I stay out of the over $100 range of pens. And my budget is telling me I cannot have this pen for a few months. I just hope there is still one to be found when my pocketbook catches up with my pen lust.
    –Excellent review! When a review makes me want to spend my money it is note worthy. My husband tells me I squeak I’m so frugal.
    –But if I were to have a windfall I would go buy one each for my three step-daughters, my daughter-in-law, my seven granddaughters and one more for myself. I call that wanting to spend some money. Please tell that pen to stop shouting at me, the money in the bank is for my car payment.

    • Sorry about that! Don’t know why I couldn’t get this one out of my head after I saw it. I suspect that there will be some left after the “timeframe” closes as that’s true for the winter ones (but who knows). I slept on this one for awhile then cracked!

  3. Absolutely LOVE the color of that pen!!! The translucency is gorgeous as well. Can you tell I love pink? 🙂

  4. Oh you enabler, you!! I had thus far successfully resisted this pen. But with this review you have singlehandedly increased the Goulet’s income and crushed my resistance. Oh and I just had to go buy Levenger Shiraz to go with it. Yeah, resistance is futile. Now to begin stalking the mailman.

  5. It’s a beautiful pen, and I thought long and hard about getting it. I wish it were around the $100.00 mark. As much as I love it, I can’t afford it right now (maybe later in the summer).

    • As I tell myself, “You can’t buy ALL the pens!” Has to be the right pen at the right time. I get a real kick, too, out of finding a great writer at a truly reasonable price. Might be a hint for next week! 😉

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