Lifesaver: Monteverde Artista Crystal Wild Stripe Fountain Pen

Those who know me in real life know that this has already been a peculiar year with a bunch of unfortunate occurrences. We’ve had health issues with two of our three Silky Terriers (one was very serious, but all is well now) and lost one of our dear kitties to renal failure. My mother slipped in the house and fractured her wrist. My nieces were in a car accident that totaled their car, but, thankfully, not their bodies or spirits. My glasses broke. My car was sideswiped (hit-and-run) while parked causing $6000 in damages. I’m about ready to kick 2014 to the curb and it’s barely gotten started.

It’s easy to start taking all of this crap personally, which is stupid, I know. And it’s easy to start feeling down and anxious.

The grey, crazy cold winter weather isn’t helping.

I’m not going to suggest that a pen cures all ills, but I have found one that perks up my spirits a bit— The Monteverde Artista Crystal Wild Stripe Fountain Pen. I’ve started receiving a periodic email from the Yafa Outlet and sometimes browse through their offerings, EVEN THOUGH I’ve promised myself that I’m not going to make a bunch of pen purchases this year. Well, the Wild Stripe quickly caught my eye, and I resisted for awhile, but in the end, I caved. The stripes are just too cool. And the price was right— $57.50 (50% off of the $115 MSRP).

Monteverde Artista Crystal Wild Stripe

The pen is made via their new Laminata process, which Monteverde describes better than I can:

Specially formulated, liquid acrylic resins are poured layer-upon-layer. Each layer is cured before the next layer is added. Monteverde’s exclusive Laminata™ technique takes far more time, but produces much better results compared to the previous “Cut & Glue” method.

After all of the acrylic layers have cured, the Laminata™ acrylic slab is hand-cut, hand-lathed, and hand-drilled. The pens are beautifully designed, and engineered for their beauty and functionality. The pens are then hand-polished to an heirloom quality luster.

What I didn’t initially realize is that the colored stripes are translucent. So when you hold the pen up to a light, or shine a flashlight into the cap, the colors glow. Not that I routinely walk around with this pen and a flashlight…or do I?!

Illuminated stripes

The nib isn’t earth shattering in looks or pedigree. It’s small (#5?) and says only, “Iridium Point” with some generic scrolling. That being said, it’s a smooth writer with just a touch of feedback. I’ve never had an issue with skipping or hard starts. I have noticed that while writing a letter or the rough draft of a blog post, the pen will sometimes write very wet, then less wet (never dry), then wetter again. I’m not sure why it does that but since it never runs to the dry side, I’m not bothered by this quirk.

The feed is clear, and this amuses me almost as much as the translucent rings. I get a kick out of seeing the feed turn the color of my ink— in this case, J. Herbin’s Eclat de Saphir.

Monteverde Artista Crystal wild Stripe

The threaded cap posts, but takes a bit of oomph to do so. In fact, at first I thought it didn’t post, but the pictures on the Yafa Outlet site clearly show the cap posted, so I gave it another go. The unposted pen measures 4.5 inches while the posted pen measures a more comfortable 6 inches.

When I posted a photo on Twitter, John Martinez (@iamthefollows) replied “Pretty! Lifesaver pen?” I had to agree that his description fits this pen perfectly. The colored rings absolutely look like a roll of Lifesaver candies.

And while a pen can’t be an actual lifesaver, it CAN be a mood saver. This pen has been that for me. Amidst all of the crap that life’s tossed my way lately, I’m having a blast writing letters and journaling with this cheery striped pen with the clear feed. It’s fun. It’s quirky. It’s not perfect.

Monteverde Artista Crystal Wild Stripe

Just like life.

13 thoughts on “Lifesaver: Monteverde Artista Crystal Wild Stripe Fountain Pen

  1. I LOVE this pen! How cheerful, whimsical, and fun! I’m sorry your start to 2014 has been so “eventful,” but things will turn up. Perhaps this pen is the beginning of that upward trend! Now I need to buy this pen. Thanks for showcasing it for us! 🙂

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  4. That’s a really fun Artista! I got the orange one from my wife for xmas (since I liked her pink one so much), and I could totally be talked into getting another one. Nice review!

  5. I have the Desert Sand version of this, and it is a spectacularly beautiful pen. I love everything about it – the layers of colour, the shape, the translucency and the nib – but the threading inside the cap is dreadful. Unless I am very gentle when recapping the pen, the lid gets jammed at a horrible angle making me unwind it and try again. I don’t have this problem with the Monteverde Prima or Intima fountain pens. They’re all beautiful and write well, but this one is my absolute favourite – despite the finicky lid.

    • Have you tried placing the cap on (setting it in place), then turning it in the opposite (uncapping) direction until you feel the threads engage, then turn it in the correct (capping) direction? Stephen Brown did a quick video on this trick and it’s helped me in the past.

      • Hm…no matter what I do it’s fiddlier than it should be. Nevertheless…
        I’ve been thinking about getting the Wild Stripes version as a Christmas present for someone (thinking ahead here!)
        Your one has a black section but the one shown on the Monteverde web page has a chrome unpainted section. Mysterious eh? Luckily they both look great!

  6. What a happy pen. I have a Monteverde Regatta that I just rediscovered and started researching the pen which is how I ended up here. Happy to have discovered this Wild Stripe pen and your blog!

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