Inkfest 2012 Begins: The Lamy Nexx with Mont Blanc Toffee Brown Ink

The players

Pen: Lamy Nexx with EF nib
Ink: Mont Blanc Toffee Brown

I’ve had this pen for quite awhile (maybe for years?), but never did much with it, despite the wonderful smoothness of the nib. Even in the EF size, this nib glides! I stuck with the standard Lamy cartridges in basic black (or sometimes blue, if I was feeling particularly wild). Sooooo…nice pen, but kind of boring, which was entirely MY fault.

But I’ve been learning a lot this year, pen and ink-wise. Thanks to the…
1) Pen Addict podcasts;
2) Fountain Pen Geeks website & podcasts;
3) SBRE Brown’s youtube reviews (like THIS one on the Lamy Nexx); and
4) The Goulet’s Ink Nouveau website.
It’s like attending pen and ink college, and my “teachers” have made me crave something beyond the blue and black cartridges. I have, finally, started to explore the world of bottled inks. And what a world it is!

I’ve always pictured that bottled ink would lead to stained fingers and clothes, stained countertops and carpets, maybe even stained pets, but I have remained relatively stain-free (knock on wood!). What this HAS lead to is a new-found love for my languishing fountain pens.

I ordered this Mont Blanc Toffee Brown ink from Dalys Pen Shop, and literally said, “WOW!” as soon as it hit the paper. Like, OUT LOUD. This is exactly the brown I was looking for. I know how to describe ink about as well as I know how to describe wine or art (not very), but I know what I like when I see it. This brown instantly clicked with me. Was I influenced by the word “toffee” in the name? Quite possibly.

Mont Blanc Toffee Brown ink on Levenger Circa paper

I picked up the Lamy Nexx from JetPens because of the orange cap (which apparently they don’t carry anymore…sniff). Shallow? Maybe. I also like the look and feel of the brushed aluminum barrel and clip.

Lamy Nexx

Cap & clip

The triangular aluminum barrel and rubber grip section feel great. No grip issues for me at all. I’m pretty sure that my handwriting improves when I use this pen, and I credit the triangular grip for that. (How many times can I say “grip”? A lot, apparently.)

Aluminum barrel

Rubber grip

On Twitter, lots of folks (kiddingly) “blame” other pen reviewers for making them empty their wallets to purchase reviewed inks or pens. But I’d like to give credit, rather than blame, to my pen & ink “faculty”…Brad Dowdy & Myke Hurley (for The Pen Addict podcasts), Eric Schneider & Dan Smith (for Fountain Pen Geeks), SBRE (Stephen) Brown (of youtube fame), and Brian and Rachel Goulet (of The Goulet Pen Company and Ink Nouveau) for quietly encouraging me to dust off my fountain pens and explore the world of bottled inks. There’s a WHOLE inky world of color out there.

Let’s play!