Small But Mighty Pick-Me-Ups

“Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.” —Lord Byron

The last few weeks have been dotted with garden variety frustrations, anxieties, and headaches. But even when my day goes completely haywire, receiving a handwritten note or letter never fails to turn my mood around. POOF goes that swirl of grumbly thoughts and grievances only to be replaced by a warm effervescence. The hard edges of the day soften, and I immediately regain my sense of humor about the ridiculousness of letting stupid stuff get to me.

With friends who share their own joys and challenges tucked inside an envelope, how can I not be grateful?

Notes/notecards from two friends—a gorgeous laser-cut design from one, and original artwork from another.

Greetings from Portugal via a lovely travelogue letter

complete with sea shells from the beach in Albufeira.

I love writing letters as much as I do reading them. I dive in headfirst— sharing stories that I hope are (somewhat?) entertaining. How the neighbors’ bunnies escaped and the hot pursuit that followed, about the drives my mom and I take every Sunday afternoon, movies seen, books read, walks taken. I just keep writing until I feel written out. Doing so feels so therapeutic and meditative. More meditative than meditation for me, actually.

Good wishes, shared experiences, crazy/funny stories sent back and forth. This is where my heart feels at home. This is my sanctuary—a refuge from a world that often feels very out of whack.

Here’s to friends and laughs and inky hands. Let’s keep each other afloat.

Letter writing is an excellent way of slowing down this lunatic helter skelter universe long enough to gather one’s thoughts.” —Nick Bantock


One thought on “Small But Mighty Pick-Me-Ups

  1. I miss having pen pals! I had several when I was a kid, and I loved writing letters as much as I loved receiving them. Perhaps I can find a way to start again. Thanks, Mary!

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