Hefty, Hefty, Hefty: The Rite In the Rain Mechanical Clicker Pencil

I ordered a few of these Rite In the Rain Mechanical Clicker pencils during a pre-Christmas sale as gifts for others—mostly as companions to the Rite In The Rain Golf Notebook for the golfers in the family. When the package arrived, I tore it open, and said, “Oh, wow!” (Like, out loud.) The pencils were much more substantial than I’d expected. So much so that I quickly decided to keep one for myself. (I did immediately order a replacement pencil, along with extra erasers and leads, something I’d failed to do with my first order.)

I have plenty of mechanical pencils but what makes this one different is its sturdiness. The knurled grip and clip are metal and the barrel is made of thick ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene—I googled it), all of which give this pencil a heft that’s uncommon in mechanical pencils. As a low gripper, I hold the pencil right on the edge of the the knurling so I’m not taking full advantage of that feature, but it looks cool and adds good weight to the front of the pencil.

And the lead? Also beefy (1.3 mm). And dark (2B). And smooth. This is my first 1.3 mm lead pencil and I have to say that it’s made a convert out of me. I’m forever snapping those fragile 0.5 and 0.7 mm leads because I tend to bear down like I’m using a pen even when I’m using a pencil. This thick lead handles my heavy-handedness without an issue. I’ve had absolutely no breakage in all the time I’ve been using the pencil. As the name implies, the lead is advanced by clicking the eraser end of the pencil.

Because the thick 2B lead is so broad and dark and smooth, writing with it almost feels like writing with a broad-nibbed fountain pen or a 0.7 mm gel pen. High praise, indeed. I don’t typically use pencil to write notes to friends or to write out my daily to-do lists, but I sometimes do now. It’s a very pen-like pencil, if that makes sense.

The dark-grey eraser really is “low-residue”(as described by Rite In the Rain, which means no eraser “crumbs” on your page) and erases quite cleanly, considering the darkness of the lead. You can see a “ghost” of the word I erased in the photo above where I wrote “Grip” on the wrong line. The eraser feels smooth and <grasping for words here> pliable(??). There’s not the stiffness of your typical eraser. Rubbery, I guess, is the best way to describe it.

I ordered an orange pencil to replace the yellow one I kept and now I want that one, too. But I am resisting!

I’m rarely (never?) writing in the rain or marking up lumber so I really don’t NEED a “rugged” pencil that can withstand tough work conditions or extreme weather. I just want one.

ONE, Mary. One is enough.


7 thoughts on “Hefty, Hefty, Hefty: The Rite In the Rain Mechanical Clicker Pencil

  1. Is it? Is one really enough? Don’t you need one at home AND one to take with you? What happens if you’re going for a hike and you come across a lumberjack who was mugged by an irate beaver who took his or her or other appropriate possessive pronoun trusty pencil and that lumberjack needs to mark where to chop down a diseases pine and he/she/they says to you, “Excuse me, gentle lady. Would you happen to have a sturdy pencil I could use to mark where to chop down tree so I can save this forest from the beetles who are eating this one”? Are you REALLY going to look this lumberjack in the eye and say, “I am SOOOO sorry, but I thought one sturdy pencil to have at home would be enough and so I can not lend you a pencil to mark where to cut down this tree and thereby save this forest?” Do you really want to have the fate of the forest on your conscience? I think you need a few of these, just to make sure you can live with yourself.

    • Oh, I know, I know! That could happen! Haha! BUT I’m sticking to my “no stationery shopping” pledge (at least for now.) One month down (almost!).

      • I keep making that pledge to myself, too. It’s like what Mark Twain (I think) said about quitting smoking: it’s easy. I’ve done it hundreds of times. 😉

  2. Hello Mary! Long time since I’ve corresponded with you. I ordered this pencil as soon as I read your review. I love thick lead and the richness of 2B lead. The pencil came today and I LOVE it! I got the orange, because it’s my favorite color. I was surprised at how light the pen is and still balanced even though the knurled grip is a bit heavy. Thanks for your review. Hope you are well! Cheers!

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