What I Love About Stationery: An Incomplete List

I really enjoyed this week’s “Pen Addict” podcast episode where Brad and Myke discussed what they love about stationery. Which made me brainstorm my own list. Which made me write out that list in my journal to share here, copycat that I am.

Morning pages

Mood journaling (new for 2023)

Sheening inks

Birmingham Pen Co. Quantum Teal
Birmingham Pen Co. Emerald Fusion

Broad nibs

TWSBI Draco <B>

Letters and postcards


A collection I’ve created
A collection I’ve purchased

Pocket notebooks

Filled and filed

Double-ended pens

Analog calendars/planners

Disc-bound notebooks

Circa by Levenger (stickered by Mary)

Products that make me laugh

Titanium nibs

Cards and notes

Killing the winter doldrums with color and good wishes! (Never underestimate the power of a card/note/letter/postcard.)

Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg, an admittedly incomplete list. I haven’t mentioned pencils (wooden and mechanical), machined pens, Ultem pens, colored pencils, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

And pen pals, pen friends, and pen shows.

You all are THE BEST—even better than the sheeniest ink.

In a nutshell…


8 thoughts on “What I Love About Stationery: An Incomplete List

  1. <<Sorry, this comment could not be posted.>>

    Dang it- again!!!! Why does this happen, time after time? I actually wrote this comment on your lovely page:

    For the longest time- comparatively, anyway – some glitch has prevented me from signing in to comment, but at last I am able to say that your posts are fascinating, well and thoughtfully crafted and highly enjoyable!! I appreciate them and they provide a temporary respite from the steaming piles of drudgery that often comprise daily life here!! So, thanks again, and all best wishes,* julian

    But then *that message *appeared again!!! Is it some dark conspiracy, or some residual curse from having offended an old gypsy woman in Idaho, who knows. But I did want to at least get this message to you once, to let you know that your posts were not going out into some ethereal vacuum! Blessings, j

    • Sorry for the comment difficulties! Gremlins, I guess?! Or that gypsy! Thank you so much for your lovely words — very much appreciated!! –Mary

  2. Hi, Mary. I read your handwritten list in the first photo and was convinced you had recently taken up wood journaling. What could that be? Were you writing a journal about the various types of wood you come across each day? Or perhaps using a pyrography tool to commit your everyday life to thin sheets of wood? It’s a fascinating concept. However, the mood journaling does make a little more sense!

  3. I loved this list of yours (and Myke and Brad’s) so much that I went ahead and made my own tonight. Much fun to tap into what I really, really love and also go through my stash and dig out some long – abandoned favourites.

    May I ask what you use your pocket notebooks for? I love Field Notes, it’s a great way to use those gel pens!

    • I use mine for to-do lists…a personal one and a work one. A nice manageable size. And I save/file them all!

      Glad you had fun making your own list! I’m on a “no buy” personal challenge so I know what you mean about rediscovering old favorites! Really fun!

    • The Nanami Seven Seas notebooks – The Writer (lined), The Crossfield (cross-grid), and The Standard (blank). My go-to for morning pages!

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