A Social Media Upgrade

Last Saturday I started another 6-week session of the Whole Life Challenge. After a summer of indulgences and some wallowing, I sorely need this. And once my mental switch flips on, I’m all in—cooking better and more interesting food, making a conscious effort to drink more water than coffee, getting to bed in time to get at least a full seven hours, and taking that early morning walk no matter what. I feel so much better, mentally and physically, when I do these things that I don’t understand why I sometimes slide back into mindless habits.

ANYWAY—last week’s Well-Being Practice was to be more intentional about social media. Not to necessarily force yourself to block it out completely, but to tuck away or delete the apps that make accessing them reflexive and habitual. Except for posting a few “happy birthday” greetings on Facebook, I did stay away—even from my beloved Instagram. Did I (do I) feel like I’m missing out? A little bit. But I also feel much more focused and present. Not tuning out difficult moments and feelings. Riding them out instead.

I also decided, early on, to send more postcards, notes, and letters. In the time it takes to scroll through a Twitter or Facebook feed, I can write a paragraph or two. Boom. Done. A little piece of mail is on its way to a friend.

Even though we’re onto a new Well-Being Practice this week (“Quit the Unquittable” — I’m extending my hiatus from the news that I instituted on my own last week), I’m going to continue this social media upgrade. Pens, paper, stamps, a letter’s journey from here to there.

I love sending mail as much I as I love receiving it. And, boy, do I feel better.

Johnny Gamber, of Pencil Revolution and the Erasable podcast, makes some of my favorite postcards. Visit his etsy shop for these, as well as his always-entertaining zines and original notebooks.

Oh, and I’m back to making my own envelopes, too.


4 thoughts on “A Social Media Upgrade

  1. I slowly peeled myself from social media snd have deleted most of my accounts, no Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram. I’m glad I did it, though I sort of miss seeing the pictures of my friends’ kids. I think not being on social media makes my heart lighter.

    • The Whole Life Challenge has made a HUGE difference in my physical and mental well-being. I learn something new every time I participate…going on 7 years now. LOVE the Karas Kustoms tumbled aluminum BOLT. It was part of a monthly deal (got a tumbled aluminum EDK with for a reduced “bundle” price.) I use it virtually every day in my work and personal pocket notebooks. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I’ve never been on the social media merry-go-round, with the exception of a nominal presence on LinkedIn and Tumblr. Still, I have been trying to send more letters and cards rather than resorting to e-mails. It’s interesting to see how people respond. Some folks write back, some send an e-mail, some a text, some — silence. But I get far fewer headaches from writing than typing or tapping and writing letters provides a measure of justification for my ink habit.

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