Postcards From the Edge


I do this thing when I travel—or even when I visit a local museum’s gift shop—where I buy a handful of postcards BUT THEN NEVER WRITE AND MAIL THEM. I find that if I don’t send them within the first day or two of a trip, my motivation to do so plummets. I end up carting them home then tucking them away in my basket-o’-stationery where they gather dust. I know this about myself yet I still cannot resist the come hither look of that revolving rack of postcards.

Now here we are. We can’t travel. We can’t visit friends or extended family. We can’t shake hands or hug. We can’t catch up over lunch or coffee. We are glued to Zoom meetings where we’re connected yet disconnected (the current reality that was so well put in this article). We miss our 3D people. I miss my 3D, in-real-life people.

Because of this prudent and necessary isolation, my craving to connect with others is even stronger than my pandemic-induced craving for freshly baked cookies. That’s where my stash of postcards comes in. It’s time for me to grab that stack, a pen (gee…let me see if I can find one), and a sheet of postcard stampsthen write a few every day. The time investment is so small compared to the rewards.

“I’m thinking of you.”

“I wish you were here.”

How important it is to say these words. How important it is to read these words.

“I miss you.”

I do. I really do.

10 thoughts on “Postcards From the Edge

  1. This is a great idea. I, too, cannot resist a stack of postcards at a gift shop, but don’t send them out as often as I should. I’ll have to get some in the mail soon!

  2. I, too, cannot resist postcards at a gift shop! However, I tend to save them for my scrapbooks as the photography is much better than I could do myself – LOL!

    • That’s a great idea! I remember reading about someone who wrote and sent them to herself as a record of her trip, and then made them into a little book somehow.

  3. I like to buy postcards of the art I saw at a museum and have a nice stack of them now. Sometimes I end up with multiple copies when i go back to the same museum later… I also randomly send out postcards of my own photos to folks on my free postcard mailing list. I do it randomly whenever the urge strikes. You can also make your own postcards out of generic 4×6 prints if you like. I had a bunch of 4x6s of prints I had done to see which photos I’d make into a display. I glued them to 4×6 index cards to give the prints a little more heft using spray glue. So… with a little time on my hands I took the duplicates and other cards I had purchased and made and mailed them out a few weeks ago. Pretty much all “just wanted to say hey”. Folks seemed to like it. And it beats heck out of one more netflix movie!

    • What a great idea!! I feel so much better when I’m creating than consuming, and this is a fun and useful “craft.” I’m going to do this!

      • yeah, there’s so much going on lately, it’s overwhelming. Just turn off the TV and do something to make yourself and others have some fun.

      • You can go on ebay and buy old stamps in bulk for about 70% of face value and save some money on the postage and have fun with old designs! Get some 22 cent stamps and 13 cent stamps and pick one of each for your cards! You can do two tens and a 15 too. Postage is good forever!

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