A Public Declaration

I’m fixing this.


I know it’ll take time, and that I’ll have to make a bigger mess to make it better, but I’m tackling this…uh…situation. The Easter basket should be easy. (???) I’ve made this pledge before and taken half-hearted stabs at restoring back order to this corner of the dining room, but this time I’m sticking with it (like that morning journaling in a previous post).


Sorting is step #1. I took a baby step forward tonight and already found something I was missing.

I’m doing this. Want to come along? I could use the moral support.

Expect monthly updates. Ahhhh…this feels better already.

14 thoughts on “A Public Declaration

  1. I know the feeling well. I did part of it two Januaries ago and finished last January, so it took a year in total, but it felt GREAT to finish! (And my mess was deeper — I couldn’t get to the closet that needed clearing and organizing because of all the stuff piled in front of it.) Do it a little at a time, like only an hour per day or less, and give yourself a little reward when done. Once you get momentum going, you won’t want to stop, so you’ll do a couple hours and feel great! By the way, can I come over and paw through the stationery bins? 😉

    – Tina

    • Great tips! Even if it takes me a year, or longer, I’m gonna do it. Small chunks are the way forward, I’m convinced. May be in touch for advice as I hit snags!

  2. What a great post! I’m toying with the idea of joining you! Unfortunately my pen, paper, ink and assorted items are not contained in a corner – they are all over the house! Good luck! Go for that Easter basket!

  3. I agree with Tina. You should reward yourself as you make progress. I think an appropriate reward is a pie from Noon Mark Diner. You can order it and have it shipped so it can be in your freezer providing the incentive every time you open the freezer. I would even consider portioning it out so that as you reach your milestone goals you could have one slice, warmed up in the oven. Maybe with a little scoop if ice cream.

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