Stickin’ With It*

* With credit to Ted Walker and Adam Webb, hosts of the Take Note podcast.

I recently started listening to Take Note, thanks to Tim Wasem’s recommendation on a recent episode of the Erasable podcast. I especially enjoy how the hosts chat about what they write rather than focusing so much on what they write with or on. Sometimes they feature a segment called “Stickin’ With It” where they talk about the things in their lives—sometimes stationery, sometimes not—that they find themselves enjoying over and over again. As someone who, for the most part, has the stationery attention span of an eight-week-old puppy, this has been inspiring. Instead of constantly flitting through pencils, pens, and inks, maybe I should try a less frenetic approach. Rather than becoming enamored with the newest and shiniest thing, maybe I’d enjoy some consistency with what I’m using—a single pencil (à la Caroline Weaver), or just one or two fountain pens instead of the herd that I currently have inked. Oh attention span, I hardly knew ye.

Just as I was feeling guilty about all of this stationery polygamy, I hit a milestone worthy of my own “Stickin’ With It” segment. On Thursday morning, I filled up my fifth Nanami Paper Seven Seas Tomoe River Notebook. That’s 2400 pages since June 2016. I wonder how many milliliters of ink I’ve used and how many miles of words I’ve written by practicing “butt in chair” (to quote Anne Lamott) at 4:45 am.


This is my morning practice—my writing meditation—the one place in my life where I am truly stickin’ with it.


Oh that Sailor Grenade sheen! That’ll perk you right up!

Without fail.




6 thoughts on “Stickin’ With It*

  1. Wow!! Impressed by your stick-with-it-ness! But mostly impressed by all those words written. More power to you and your morning pages!

    – Tina

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  3. “Stationery polygamy “— love it! Just found your blog and am enjoying it so much. I am new to fountain pens and learning much from you and others who have an online presence. Thanks for writing!

  4. I came across your blog as I was searching out everything I can about the Hobonichi. I know about morning pages, and like the start of your journey, I always “wanted” to do them…just never got up and did it. I’m going to try. Thank you for the inspiration. And now, I’m compelled to buy the Hobonichi Techo (my weeks planner arrives tomorrow)

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