My Life In Notebooks


I started my third Field Notes Storage box this week. That’s a picture of a portion of the first two boxes, crammed with as many completed pocket notebooks as I could jam in there. I keep a “personal” and “work” notebook running all the time, and enjoy using not just Field Notes, but also Nock Co., Story Supply, Write Notepad & Co., and Log & Jotter notebooks. It takes me about a month to fill a work notebook, and a little longer, on average, to fill my personal notebook, depending on what’s going on. I’m dealing with some complicated stuff lately and nothing makes me feel better than to sit down and carefully write out my notes as a way to clear my head and organize my thoughts. Once I do that, I can exhale and let go.


This is where the value in pocket notebooks lies. In capturing the daily tasks and appointments, joys and frustrations, accomplishments and works-in-progress, one tiny check box at a time.

Here are my notebooks. They are both nothing and everything.

Here is my life.


13 thoughts on “My Life In Notebooks

  1. Do you find yourself going back to them? I’m asking because I wonder what I’d do with them if I had that daily habit too. My writing is horrific and trying to read my random thoughts would probably make me nuts.

    • Not that often, but every now and then. I have an index for things that may need to be revisited in the front of each one, and they are numbered sequentially. I think I just feel better knowing that they’re all there IF I need them.

    • Yes…it’s a Schon Design pen. Love it as my EDC pen, with the Fisher Space Pen refill. The notebook cover is one I got from Doane Paper YEARS ago. I bought two…one for my work and personal notebooks. I’ve been using them ever since. I’m not sure that Chad Doane sells these anymore, and I don’t know who he sourced them from.

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  4. I just found your blog and am enjoying reading through. I too always carry a pocket notebook, albeit I have been using a small Levenger Stanley cover with refills (no longer available and i purchased many refill packs). For the past couple of years I have been traveling and livingin Europe and unable to get to my stash in Canada, so I have tried many other pocket/purse sized notebooks. WARNING: Enabler alert! In Spain, I found these pocket notebooks that are the same size as Field Notes. Have a peek – the company is great to deal with, very personal and personable and they have some great products online. 🙂 Now to continue browsing your blog…

    • Thank you!! Those pocket notebooks are adorable! I read one of your posts as well…one about your parents. I so relate to that as my dad went into a nursing home in October and it’s a rollercoaster ride for the whole family. I’ll continue to explore your blog, too!

  5. What are the storage boxes you use to put these in? As well as the separators/organizers! Where can I find these?

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