Hobonichi Haiku

Hobonichi burned.
Thoughts. Memories. Quotations.
Just gone. Like a death.





An awful dream. Well…nightmare.




What a relief to wake up.


6 thoughts on “Hobonichi Haiku

  1. Speaking of Flannery O’Connor … I borrowed a collection of her books/stories from the library but didn’t read them. Somehow they didn’t speak to me at all. I think it was the violence that put me off. Maybe someday I’ll appreciate her writing? But not now. -Kate

    • I read her journals/letters YEARS ago and enjoyed them, but never really explored her works of fiction. I’ve always been a journal/letter reader.

  2. In the list of “19 things to start doing for yourself” – the admonition to “Start ignoring what others are doing” really struck me. That is exactly what I need to do to counter my tendency to compare myself to others. Thank you! I should write it one hundred times.

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