You know you’ve gone off the deep end when…

your pens match your socks.

Bombs Socks and ACME Crayon Pens

So off the deep end I go. I also have a pink pair of the same socks and a pink pen, but that pair is in the wash so you’ll just have to imagine how great they look together. This was not a planned thing, but rather one of those fun surprises that can pop up in a day. An ad for Bombas (“Bee better”) recently popped up in my Facebook feed, and rather than zipping right by, I gave the ad a look and wound up ordering a 4-pack of socks. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bombas, they’re a company with a mission. The ad notes that “Socks are the  number one most requested item at homeless shelters.” You can read the full story here. Minutes after reading their ad and browsing their website, I ordered a 4-pack of the Bright socks right from my phone, before even getting out of bed. For every pair purchased, another pair is donated to a homeless shelter. What a great mission, and, I hoped, good socks.

Now I’m normally all about muted colors, with a wardrobe full of taupe, but as I browsed their site, I knew I had to order the Brights because THEY WOULD MATCH MY ACME CRAYON PENS. Because pens matching socks is a thing, right? Oh, it isn’t?!

The socks arrived last week and I’m super happy with them. They’re nicely cushioned, the colors are great, and I feel good about helping someone in need get their own pair of fresh new socks. I’m already planning to order some of the Merino wool socks (taupe!) for work and sport socks for the gym.

I’ve always been someone who likes matching their fountain pen ink to their pen. (I recently put some Sailor Waka Uguisu…a mossy looking green…into an orange pen and that almost gave me hives.) But who knew that I’d become someone who enjoys matching their socks to their pens.

There is, it seems, no end to the madness.

There are no affiliate links in this post, and I have not been compensated in any way for my endorsement of Bombas. I do, though, hope you’ll check them out, and maybe order a pair or two. Or four. Read more about them here.


14 thoughts on “You know you’ve gone off the deep end when…

  1. Thanks for your cheery, funny post, Mary! I’m also a match-your-ink-to-your-pen person, but you have just upped the ante quite a bit by matching your pens to your socks. I love it! Happiest of holidays to you, Susan

  2. Every time I read your posts, Mary, I say to myself “I’m going to go out and buy myself some nice pens!”
    I like seeing your handwritten pages, too. So neat, so tidy!
    And am glad you are sticking with all your healthy, nourishing daily practices: stretching, writing, meditating, etc. It’s inspiring.

  3. I am new here and linked over from Well Appointed Desk.
    I completely agree about the ink needing to match the pen body. It is best to know when you are grabbing an apple green pen it has apple green or a similar color of ink in it!
    It would drive me crazy to have, say, copper ink in a blue pen body! EEK!
    A friend gave me a Sailor fountain pen as a gift and that I when I discovered how much I love writing with a fountain pen. I HATE black ink (too many years as a mechanical engineer & Rapidiograph pens), I found that fountain pen ink came in a multitude of colors!!
    OMG, I nearly hyperventilated!
    After testing a sample of Diamine Shimmering Ink Blue Pearl, I was hooked! Whenever I bought a new color of the shimmering ink, at Jetpens, I would buy a Jinhao 599 (they wrote well and was moderately priced for a beginner like me), in a color that matched the ink. Unfortunately the Jinhao brand is no longer available through JetPens, so I am now looking for another affordable pen for a few of the 2016 colors.
    Hubby just groaned when I showed him a sample from another company, J. Herbin’s 1670 Emerald of Chivor! I think he sees himself building me another ink bottle shelf!
    Today, I received a bottle of Diamine’s shimmering ink Moon Dust from Goulet’s pens, but no matching pen. Happily, I received my December iPen monthly membership box and in it was a Jinhao X750 pen called “Shimmering Sands”! Perfect for my new gray & silver Moon Dust ink!!
    Sorry for the long comment, but it was nice to read that I am not alone in this!

    • Glad you found me! Emerald of Chivor is THE BEST…worth building a new shelf! How do you like the iPen monthly box? I’ve been kicking around the idea of subscribing…as if I need more “stuff.” 🙂

      • I LOVE iPens subscription. Every month is a theme, like December’s was “Fresh Start”. In every box you get 1 fountain pen, an ink sample or another pen or pencil, a notebook, a treat, a postcard from Michigan plus other stationery items. In December, I got the Shimmering Sands fountain pen, A sample of Diamine’s Golden Oasis shimmer ink, The 2017 Standard Memorandum Notebook by Word, Avery Multi Use Ultra Tabs, 3 pack of Avery Hi-Liters, a Uni-Ball Signo 0.7mm gel pen in assorted colors,a pack of WinterFresh gum, an Iwako Puzzle eraser, either a snowman or christmas tree (I got the snowman), plus a beautiful postcard of an area of Michigan under snow, a 10% off coupon for iPens. com.
        I always love seeing my iPens subscription in my mail! I’ve got some nice fountain pens in my box. A red Baoer & a Baoer “Eight Horses” fountain pens from Germany, a Baoer “Eight Horses” roller ball pen, a Schneider, also made in Germany, a Cross Stratford fountain pen & a Cross CuVerro V Copper Pen, an Ohto Tasche Fountain Pen, etc. It has helped me fill my fountain pen showcase box!
        If you go to the iPens website, they have links to each of this year’s boxes. Just hit the month and it will show you what was in the box!
        Believe me I know how you feel about not needing more stuff, but I really think you will love it if you try it.

      • I forgot the Red Fisher Backpacker Space Pen with Keychain, I got one month that my husband immediately took into custody for his hiking gear! I told him that taking the pen was payment for my 1st ink bottle shelf.

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