There’s Nothing Like a Pen Show For…

Sea of Pens

seeing more pens in one place than you’ve ever seen before.


For visiting favorite vendors.

[Scott Franklin, of Franklin-Christoph]

Ink and notebooks

For adding to your already healthy stash of ink and pocket notebooks.


For meeting the very nice guys who make those notebooks.

[Story Supply Co.’s Vito Grippi and Gabriel Dunmire]

Fisher of Pens pen

For finding the pen that calls your name…

Carl Fisher, Fisher of Pens

and meeting the man who made that pen…

[Carl Fisher, of Fisher of Pens]

Jonathon Brooks

AND the man who made the material for that pen.

[Jonathon Brooks, Carolina Pen Co., and his wonderful wife, Elizabeth]

The Nibsmith

For having a little nib work done.

[Dan Smith, The Nibsmith]

Starter set for a friend

For helping a friend at home get started with this fountain pen obsession hobby.

A patient husband

For testing the patience of your “not really into pens” husband.

(In all honesty, he did very well. Better than I do at car shows, where I’m “over it” after an hour or two. When we got home Sunday night, he did say, “Well…I think I’ve seen enough pens to last me a few years.” Fair enough.)

Ana and Brad

For saying a few words of thanks to the people who inspire you.

[Ana Reinert, The Well-Appointed Desk and Brad Dowdy, The Pen Addict]

But mostly…


it’s about spending time with friends.

[Michelle, me (looking goofy), Karen, Phil, Tracy, Ashley, and Ira. So many more not pictured.]

Paul Joynes

[Paul Joynes, Gorgeous.Ink]

Joe Lebo

 [My pen show buddy, Joe Lebo]

Pen show swag

The pens, paper, notebooks, and ink are all great, but there’s so much more.

There’s sharing and hugs and laughter. There’s friendship. There’s love.

There really is nothing like a pen show.

9 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Like a Pen Show For…

  1. Oooh, Mary!

    It looks like you had a blast at the pen show, and I’m so glad for you!

    I had no idea that Fisher of Pens and Carolina Pen Co. even existed – two great new sources to add to my shopping list! I did explore both web sites, and put in an order for a wonderful Fisher pen that I’m hoping is still available (there is a note on the web site that the inventory may not be updated due to his trip to the show).

    Many thanks, as always, for your blog posts – they are definitely something I look forward to!

    All the best to you, Mary!


    Susan Jones Blue Seahorse Studio

    • Thanks! I had a blast! Already thinking about next year. 🙂

      Which Fisher pen are you looking at? I have my eye on a rollerball, but if you’re looking at the same one, no worries! Both Carl and Jonathon are authentic, super nice…and talented…guys.

  2. This looks like a truly wonderful event! I wish there were something like that near here. I’m new to all this stuff, so getting an opportunity to test so many pens would be so great … as opposed to “taking my chances” at Amazon. We don’t even have pen/stationery store here.

    I only have a few Lamy pens, but I would like to buy a real high-end pen, like Montegrappa or some such … you know, like a “pen for life”, but I can’t make such an investment without trying it out first.

  3. Very cool! Looks like it was a blast.

    Yay! Iroshizuku Yama-budo. I’ve only been into fountain pens for less than a year but it’s already one of my favorite colors!

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