A Micro Review: On The Fly with a Fisher Space Pen

Commencement Notes

At Hamilton College’s Commencement ceremony yesterday, the student speeches were clever, funny, and meaningful enough that I found myself wanting to take notes. I ushered at the event so I had virtually no belongings with me, except this Fisher Space pen and the Commencement program and my lap. Problem solved.

My handwriting is rushed, the paper was a stiff program cover, and the ink was just a simple medium point Fisher Space pen refill, but it all got the job done.

One student spoke about pineapples, and how we are like them. Prickly and weird on the outside, we need to find the right tools to get to the sweet delicious fruit inside. Hamilton College, he said, provided those tools. I loved the fact that he propped an actual pineapple on the podium as he spoke.

Another student said, in effect, that our lives are like Tetris and we should stop playing them like chess. Whereas chess is all about protecting and saving yourself, Tetris is about taking the random experiences that fall into our lives and looking at them from all different angles. We should be rotating those experiences, thinking about them, making them fit.

So my handwriting is sloppy, and the Fisher Space refill, though quite good, is not my favorite. But I had this pen in my pocket and, with it, I was able to capture these thoughts from a couple of creative and thoughtful young minds.

I made it work. Like Tetris.

Rainbow Fisher Space Pen

This particular Fisher Space pen was fully reviewed HERE.

Time is hard to find lately, so I’m planning to post more of these micro reviews—quick posts about pens in use in real life. You like?


16 thoughts on “A Micro Review: On The Fly with a Fisher Space Pen

  1. Oh my gosh, it’s so beautiful like a rainbow! I didn’t know they made Space pens like that. BTW, the valedictorian was a former student of mine – such a sweet young lady!

    • Yes…this certainly is a striking Space Pen. How nice for your student! So much hard work culminating in a spectacular day. So cool.

    • Thanks! I keep waiting for all of the stars to properly align to sit down and gather my thoughts. That’s not happening and it’s frustrating me that I’m going so long between posts. Soooo I might take a more casual approach and see what happens.

  2. I am grateful for and enjoyed your micro-review! I really appreciate that you still squeeze that in, even when things get crazy busy. Thank you, Mary! Susan

  3. I can see why you took notes. Those are great outtakes from the speeches. I’d likely would have scrambled to take notes, too.
    And that is a very pretty pen 🙂

  4. I love this micro review on so many levels. Writing from the UK, college commencement is one of those pieces of ‘Americana’ which we do not seem to have here, certainly not in the same way. How I envy you those bright valedictorians, with their interesting new takes on the world. The colourful radiance of the Fisher Space Pen seems entirely appropriate.
    Many of us know there’s a lot going on with you, so feel free to make more micro reviews as time goes on. Sometimes a quick hit is all we need.
    With best wishes.

    • Thank you for the good wishes! My perfectionism, coupled with being short on time, can get in the way. Trying to be better about getting posts written, even if they’re tiny.

  5. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate micro-reviews – anything that gives me ideas for ways to use my beloved pens every day, several times a day! My grandfather graduated from Hamilton College circa 1920.
    Thanks for your great posts, Mary!

  6. Yes, I do like! And I like hearing about pens less commonly reviewed, like this one. More real-life pen use!


  7. Micro is a very nice, Tetris-y way to go! And this post reminds me that I don’t have to carry stick stupidities for note-taking emergencies!

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