Yet Another Architect Grind

Levenger Element Guilloche

It’s déjà vu all over again. Yup–it’s another Architect Grind by Dan Smith (@nibsmith). When I sent him my Edison Glenmont (broad) for this grind, I also sent along this Levenger Element Guilloche (medium) for the same treatment. The original nib was perfectly acceptable—smooth and wet—but needed a little more pizzazz.

Levenger Element

Dan’s mad nib skillz took this nib from acceptable to WOW!

Levenger Element

Loaded from my new bottle of Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine—Edelstein’s 2016 Ink of the Year—this great looking pen, beautiful ink, and jazzed up nib make a great team. The ink behaves well and shades nicely—at least on the narrow range of papers I’ve used it on (Tomoe River, Life Bank Paper, this Levenger Vivacious Circa refill).

Architect Grind

Like the modified nib on my Edison Glenmont, this custom-ground Levenger nib can be easily swapped into my other Levenger True Writers, like the pretty, pretty Kyoto.


(Mmmmm…Guilloche. Sweet stuff.)

So now I have both a medium and a broad Architect grind, and feel sure that I’ll have the same done to a fine nib in the not-too-distant future. Dan does great work, at a fair price, with good turnaround times.

Hobonichi with Architect Grind

Architect again. Happy again.

All of Dan’s nib services can be found HERE. There’s no charge for the added happiness. That’s included with each and every modified and expertly tuned nib.


Life just keeps happening. My dad had some unexpected surgery yesterday and is currently recovering. At 87, surgery and hospital stays are no joke, but he seems to be doing okay. First my mom, now him. I haven’t been able to write here as much as I want to lately, but I’ll be here when I can. Lots of cool things in the queue!

On a better note, I had an excellent appointment with my MS doctor last week, and he’s very pleased with how I’m doing. The appointment was a great incentive to keep at it in the gym with weights, cardio, and tai chi. Onward!


All pens, ink, and nib services mentioned here were purchased with my own funds. There are no affiliate links in this post.

9 thoughts on “Yet Another Architect Grind

  1. I’m glad everyone is doing better. Maybe when your dad gets released from the hospital you can celebrate with some delicious noon mark diner pie.

  2. Another lovely review from you, Mary. I have been enjoying my own architect grind lately (my first), and find that it really suits my writing style. Accordingly, I have a few more pens earmarked for nib modification. I think this will help me enjoy some pens that I haven’t been using as much, but, might, if they had better nibs. =) Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you can feel them. Much love to you. -kp

    • Thank you, Karen! My friends never fail to buoy me up. What a great lifeline. My dad is slowly doing better.

      I, too, am kind of addicted to the Architect grind. Want more. Yes…sliding down yet another rabbit hole!

  3. I’ve just entered the world of fountain pens. For all my life, I’ve believed they were not for me, since I’m a southpaw. Just recently discovered I can, and I dove in head first. Loving all your posts here …

  4. I’m thankful I found out about the Morning Pages on many levels. One being that all of a sudden I could make use of my notebooks. I really wanted to write, now that I’d discovered I’m able to use a fountain pen, but didn’t know what to write … before I found this.

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