A Hobonichi Techo Update: March 2016

Hobonichi Techo

The only thing consistent about my previous attempts to maintain a journal is that I’ve failed. Every. Single. Time.

Which is why I was reluctant to pick up a Hobonichi Techo. Who needs another failed attempt added to that pile?!

Hobonichi Techo

BUT——after all those years of half-filled or barely touched journals, we finally have a winner. The Hobonichi Techo and I have bonded and I don’t see us ever breaking up.

I’m journaling every day. NO misses. I’m using the Techo pretty much as I described in my original post—for appointments, for recording good things, for jotting down quotes, for keeping track of our dinners.

The Hobonichi’s Tomoe River paper handles fountain pen ink, gel ink, and pencil without issue, which adds to the ease—and joy—of use.

Exercise log

I’m still logging my exercise, steps, and mileage, which keeps me motivated and interested in doing better each day and each month.

The Hobonichi Techo has become my bible. It holds my laughs and tears, triumphs and struggles, encouraging words, lots of Anne Lamott quotes, and all of those little joys that used to simply evaporate.

This Hobonichi Techo holds my life.


11 thoughts on “A Hobonichi Techo Update: March 2016

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    • The Hobonichi apparently hits all the right buttons for me— the size, the paper, the grid— so happy that I finally purchased one.

      I’ve always been jealous of YOUR journals with their cool lettering and artwork!

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  4. I too have found journal happiness with my Hobonichi after many years of trying, starts and stops, and ‘failures’ – who knew!? Thanks for sharing your success 🙂

    • Good for you! I KNOW I’ll keep at this. My Hobonichi holds so much now (quotes, thoughts, dinner ideas, fitness info), that it’s really a joy to write in AND re-read. Nothing has ever “stuck” like this. We’ve bonded, for sure.

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