An Update

Spinal tap

About two weeks ago, I finally had the spinal tap that I’ve been working like crazy to get scheduled. (Yes, not only do you have to have a dreaded medical thing, but you must beg to get it scheduled!) Surprisingly, the procedure was not bad at all, thanks to a super nice and skilled doctor. She did such a superb and painless job that I sent her a note thanking her for being a bright spot in an emotional and lengthy process.

The results came in last week and finally confirmed what I pretty much already knew…it’s MS.

I’ll see my doctor at the end of September to discuss the laundry list of questions I’m compiling (on DotDash 3×5 cards!) about my results and his recommended treatment. I’m also planning to attack this nutritionally, with the help of information passed along by friends who are dealing with their own auto-immune issues. So begins Phase II of this thing.

Vespa scooters

It’s been a long, weird summer, and yet so much is still the same. Despite legs that feel a little odd, I’m working hard, walking as much as possible, starting Tai Chi again this week, and beginning another round of the Whole Life Challenge in a few weeks. Friends and family buoy me up, make me laugh, and keep me distracted. Fred and I have been riding our scooters and are planning to spend Saturday at the state fair. Totally normal stuff.

So this is my thing to deal with and figure out. You may have your own thing. And if (or when) you do, I encourage you to focus on the words that Leigh Reyes happened to send to me as part of an auction package I won during her “Pens for Aid” fundraising project almost two years ago. Who knows why Leigh chose these particular words to send my way in 2013, but she did. And they help. Every day.

You are Stronger...

“You are stronger than you can imagine.”

Turns out, maybe I am. And you are, too.

27 thoughts on “An Update

  1. those are good words… I want to say something encouraging… but I’m just a fan that has been following your blog for awhile… Leigh’s words are good… You Are stronger than you know…

    (I do not wish to offend, but I am a Christian – and I pray for God’s blessings upon you.)

  2. It’s really inspiring that you remain so positive in the face of this. I imagine that it all must feel overwhelming sometimes, or just really crummy. I appreciate your sharing your journey, because it I think it could help others who are struggling (with whatever they may be struggling with) realize there are ups and downs (including me!). Good friends always help. Sending you hugs from afar ❤

    • You nailed it…I’ve said and felt plenty of negative things (“F#%k!”), but in the end, that’s not going to sustain me. Everybody has their “stuff,” so the more we can be there for each other, the better. Hugs right back at ya, girl!

  3. Hello, I’m someone who’s been following your blog for about half a year and really enjoying it. It’s been a wonderful introduction and reference into the fountain pen community for me. It’s become a part of my “everyday carry” of blogs, so to speak I am also so impressed with how you think and write about your troubles…such candor and quiet strength. Best Wishes.

    • I so appreciate your comment! I think I’d probably keep writing even without any readers, but it’s great to know that you like what I’m doing. Thanks for the good wishes!

  4. I have been reading your excellent blog for several months now and my collection has benefited greatly. I was sorry to hear you have MS, but then I thought about my two elderly friends that have had MS since their 20s. I am 68 and they are both older than me. They both are still walking and leading their lives. Occasionally the eldest has a day or two in a wheel chair, but both recommend light excercise and a healthy diet. My hubby and I liked your scooters. We have big bikes,,but we also have a little 250cc for the carrier on our motorhome. I hope you soon get your MS controlled and are able to do all that you wish.


    • Thanks for the encouraging comment! I can already tell that exercise and a good diet will help with this so I’m looking to ramp up my efforts a bit on both fronts. Glad your friends are doing okay. That’s music to my ears.

  5. I went through my own “intimation of mortality” three years ago (in my case, an auto accident with lasting consequences). During my convalescence, I reconnected with the fountain pen hobby I had set aside years ago. This community contributed to my recovery and helped keep me engaged and positive– your blog and those of others have been a big part of that. Thank you. My thoughts are with you as you begin your own journey.

    • Yup…I’m heading down that path, as well as pursuing more traditional drug therapies. Lots to learn!! Thanks for the good wishes!

  6. Mary,
    Don’t lose your hope, and remember to take each day on its own. None of us can predict the future. MS today means something very different than it did 30 years ago. I am a physician, my field is not Neurology but I see many patients with MS for other issues. Many of them do very well, often having extended periods with minimal symptoms. Medicine is entering a new era with all of the genomic information, and with a little luck there will be new and much more effective treatments before you even need them. We are all trying to turn serious illnesses into chronic diseases more like diabetes or high blood pressure: they need some treatment, but the treatments can be made tolerable and work for many years. Some people like support groups, and if you think you might like one, it is worth trying. I am not familiar with the MS community, but I am sure there are national groups that can offer guidance.
    Best regards,

    • Thank you, David! I’m doing well, and am starting to explore treatment options. Running into some insurance nightmares, but hope to get things sorted out before too long. I’m feeling pretty darned good right now and hope this lasts for awhile. Trying to eat well and am getting regular exercise to keep all systems going! Appreciate your kind and thoughtful words!!

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