Slick: Lamy Studio (Palladium, 14k Medium Nib)

Lamy Studio Palladium finish

I’ll pounce on some pens in a millisecond, while others I’ll mull over for months. It’s not really a price thing (within comfortable limits), it’s more of a “what does this pen bring to the table?” type of pondering. I’ve looked at the Lamy Studio many, many times, but never felt won over enough to make a purchase. I can’t quite put my finger on why I’ve hesitated for so long, but some of it has to do with the polished chrome grip section that you see on most models. It looks like a fingerprint magnet and potentially slippery, and this, I think, is what’s been holding me back.

Lamy Studio Palladium model

A Lamy Studio recently popped up on MassDrop and happened to hit all the right notes— a Palladium finish (so there’s no highly polished grip), a 14k gold nib, and a price that wasn’t much higher than what I’d pay for a steel nib. That trifecta of factors pushed me from pondering to purchasing.

14k nib on the Lamy Studio

The 14k gold nib is a sweet one. To be honest, I’m unclear if the whole nib is gold, or just that piece down the center. In any case, there’s a softness and a bit of spring that you don’t get from a steel Lamy nib. I have some super smooth steel Lamy nibs that I enjoy using, but this is a different feel— a noticeable upgrade. The medium line hits a sweet spot for me— quite juicy, and yet still perfectly suited for my small(ish) handwriting. I could also easily swap this nib onto one of my Lamy Safaris, AL-Stars, or Vista, should I ever want to. (Probably won’t, but I could.)

Lamy Studio clip

Lamy Studio clip

The clip on the Lamy Studio certainly stands out from the crowd. Lamy calls it a “propeller-shaped clip” for the way it resembles…ummm…a propeller, and states that that the way it “turns in on itself is more reminiscent of a modern piece of sculpture than a conventional pen clip.” I see what they’re saying, as it IS sort of sculptural, but I’m a little undecided about the look. I like that it’s unique, but the higher profile makes it seem a little “bulky.” Well…not really bulky…but not as sleek as most clips. It functions perfectly fine for my purposes (clipped into a pen case), so no complaints there. The perpendicular profile might not suit those looking to clip the Studio in a shirt pocket since it doesn’t lay flat. So, yeah, I’m still a little bit on the fence as far as the clip goes.

Lamy Studio Palladium model

The palladium finish on this model means that the grip isn’t a fingerprint magnet, but it turns out that it’s still a little slippery—both in shape and in smoothness. There’s nothing, structurally, to keep your fingers from sliding down towards the nib, so I do find that I’m having to grip the pen a little more tightly. I’d hoped that the “brushed” palladium finish would add a bit of grip but I don’t think that it does. As a result, I sometimes notice more hand fatigue with this pen than with others. Kind of depends on the day and the temperature and the state of my hands—not an issue one day, then more so another day.

Disassembled Lamy Studio

The Studio arrived with two Z26 converters, but I’m quite sure that MassDrop threw in a spare. Sweet little bonus.

The snap-cap posts well, with a very satisfying “click” when pressed onto the end of the barrel. The pen has a nice weight (34 g overall, 24 g body, 10 g cap) and is very well-balanced whether posted or unposted.

Polished end cap

The Lamy Studio is a sharp looking pen—particularly in this champagne-colored finish. The 14k nib is noticeably springier and more fun than its steel counterpart. It’s a slick pen—with highly polished trim, minimal branding, and a uniquely styled clip. But it’s also slick to handle with a sloping, somewhat slippery grip. Though I sound iffy, I’m glad that I finally added a Lamy Studio to my collection, and think that, for me, the pluses outweigh the minuses.

Lamy Studio Palladium

The Lamy Studio—it’s one slick pen. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is up to you.

The pen was inked with Pilot Iroshizuku tsuki-yo. The rough draft of this review was written on Levenger’s Vivacious freeleaf note pad.


14 thoughts on “Slick: Lamy Studio (Palladium, 14k Medium Nib)

  1. Just gave the Wild Rubin LE to my daughter as a graduation gift! Not yet inked, but the very same selling points had me snap up the boxed set on Massdrop for her.

    Thanks for writing!

  2. Thanks Mary for the review. My Lamy’s are all good pens but none have really wow’d me. We share sentiments on this one as well, I just can’t get past the clip but glad you’ve had a good experience with it

    • My Lamy 2000 wows me! The others are good workhorses, in fun colors, most with very good nibs. I’m really enjoying the 14k nib on this pen…smooth and juicy with just a little bounce. But, yeah, I know what you mean about the clip.

  3. Great review Mary! And a lovely new pen! I have the brushed steel version, but I’m, just like you, quite ‘on the edge’ of getting the dark grey one with a gold nib. As for the gold nib, I’m pretty sure it’s solid 14k gold, not just an inlay (I imagine it’d be quite difficult, and probably also more expensive, to actually make it steel with a gold inlay?).

    • The Wild Rubin was tugging at me on the current Massdrop campaign…great color. I’m really impressed with the gold nib on mine! Glad I got it, for sure.

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  5. My co-workers presented me with a nicely engraved example of this pen for my 30th anniversary of working there. They knew I was a pen nut. Needless to say, it’s one of the sentimental favorites of my 500+ fountain pen collection.

  6. I have just bought a Lamy Studio and while it looks good overall, the nib feels smooth with no hard starts and no skipping, the pen I got was full of rust-like stains all through its body. I thought it was weird, since polished Palladium does not rust as far as I could find in my researches. It is still a beautiful pen, but the stains in the pen do make me feel uneasy…

  7. Could you please share exactly what the paper you are writing on is? Hopefully brand and model name. I really like the green cross grid. Thank you.

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