EDC vs EDU: The Ti2 Techliner (Gonzodized Shorty)

Welp…let’s jump on the Ti2 Techliner bandwagon, too! Lots of talk about this pen out and about in the pen world lately, and with good reason.

Ti2 Techliner Shorty

I passed on the Ti2 Techliner project on Kickstarter the first time around because, quite frankly, I was put off by the way the writing tip inelegantly poked out of the front of the pen. The look was strange—different than anything I was used to—and I thought that, given that odd design, the tip might wiggle around because there was nothing to hold it in place.

Ti2 Techliner tip and grip

Turns out I was wrong, wrong, wrong. (Did I mention “wrong”?!)

Not TOO long after that fateful erroneous decision, Brad Dowdy extolled the virtues of the Ti2 Techliner on an episode of “The Pen Addict” podcast, and suddenly the pen I thought I’d loathe rocketed to the top of my “I must have it” list. In an odd stroke of luck, Mike Bond launched a second Kickstarter project soon thereafter and I POUNCED without hesitation. The Shorty Gonzodized version was my instantaneous pick. The Kickstarter project proceeded without a hiccup (unheard of), and soon I had my very own Ti2 Techliner in hand. Thank god for a second chance.


Ti2 Techliner Shorty

The “shorty” version is the perfect size for me, measuring:

  • 5.1″ capped (129 mm)
  • 4.8″ uncapped (122 mm)
  • 5.4″ posted (136 mm)

This titanium pen is perfectly balanced whether I’m using it uncapped or posted. It’s on the short side, but definitely long enough unless you have giant hands. I haven’t tried the longer (regular) version, so I can’t speak to how the two compare.

Ti2 Techliner Shorty

The coolness factor is ramped up significantly by the presence of neodymium magnets in three places—inside the tip of the pen, in the “butt” end of the pen, and inside the pen’s cap. The magnets keep the refill snuggly in place so there is not one iota of wiggle (as I originally feared). Their presence also means that the cap snaps onto either end of the pen with a serious, substantial THUNK. There is nothing wimpy about these magnets. They are the perfect strength. PERFECT. And cool.

Ti2 Techliner grip area

The Techliner’s grip area features sort of a “waffle-cut” pattern so your fingers stay exactly where you want them. The pattern is “rounded off” enough that it doesn’t bother your fingers in the slightest. Another perfect feature. That same pattern is repeated at the other end of the pen for an appealing symmetrical look.

Tail end of Ti2 Techliner

The Gonzodized finish is unique—a muted blue with the underlying titanium peeking through. Instant patina that will only get better with time. Mike explains the finish this way: “Gonzodizing is a unique method of anodizing by fellow Kickstarter creator Brad Martin. The result is a unique two-tone blue/gold patina that evolves with wear.” It’s a sweet, sweet look, unlike any other pen I own.

Writing tip

But NONE of this matters if the refill is a dud. Like everything else with this pen, the uni-ball Signo 207 refill is top-notch—one of my all-time favorites. The 0.5 mm tip hits the sweet spot for me—neither too thick nor too thin—and never falters. It’s consistently smooth, dark, precise, and reliable—the perfect match for this killer pen.

Ti2 Techliner Shorty

While I carry a bunch of pens to and from work every day as part of my everyday carry (EDC), there are very few that make it to everyday USE (EDU) status. Mike Bond’s Ti2 Techliner Shorty (Gonzodized) is at the top of that very short list of pens.


For more information on this pen, check out:

  • Mike Dudek’s video review HERE
  • Brad Dowdy’s written review of the original Ti2 Techliner HERE
  • Talk of an exclusive Nock Co./Ti2 Design Techliner collaboration HERE (Hold onto your wallets when this is announced!)
  • Ian Hedley’s interview with Mike Bond AND an Urban Camo Ti2 Techliner Giveaway HERE


10 thoughts on “EDC vs EDU: The Ti2 Techliner (Gonzodized Shorty)

  1. Nice review, and excellent photos, Mary!

    I tend to explore pens in the lower end of the price spectrum. So when I bought the Ti2 Techliner shorty, I was kind of going out on a limb budget-wise. I know, right? 🙂

    It’s not really all that expensive — especially compared to a lot of fountain pens. And especially when you take into account the solid copper body with built-in magnets. I got the acid wash copper, which may not be as cool as the Gonzodized version, but it’s still pretty sweet.

    I thought the same thing as you did about the looks of the writing end. It’s unconventional, and a little sketchy looking. But I am growing to like it. The 207 refill is a really good fit for this pen design. Besides being a great writer, it’s a more sturdy refill than, say, a Pilot-hi-tec-c, and can stick out like it does without much chance of it getting bent.

  2. Mary. I too skipped the first Kickstarter round thinking the pen looked strange, but I wisely jumped on the second round and love my titanium “shorty.” Question: what paper is this in your photos? Thanks for the great post!

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  4. This pen sucks compared to any other titanium pen on the market. I owned it for one day, wherein upon immediately opening the cap, the ink continously flowed out, like one of those joke pens that deliberately spray ink on the persons. Not being able to stop it, I really couldn’t do anything else with it, even open or inspect. I couldn’t even hold it open. The cap was filled with ink. Having the one with no clip, the pen disappeared the second day, without even a chance to use it.

    Only pen I’ve regretted purchasing. Might as well have thrown the money out the window.

    • How strange! Was it the Jetstream refill or the Signo? Sorry you had a bad experience. I have four now and haven’t had an issue.

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