A Cabin Fever Giveaway, Courtesy of JetPens

Regal Fountain Pen

Hoo boy, am I ever sick of winter! The local news recently reported that this was, in fact, the coldest February on record in central NY, with an average temperature of 7.2ºF. This breaks the old record of 9.2ºF set WAY back in 1857. So, yeah, we’re freezing, and a lot of us (me!) have a severe case of cabin fever. It’s been so cold that outdoor sports are downright painful. We ventured out on snowshoes on a particularly bitter and blustery day, and within minutes my fingers started to burn from the cold, despite heavy-duty mittens, so back inside we went. Thank god for hot tea, fleece, and flannel sheets.

Regal 503 Hadrian fountain pen

Are YOU sick of winter and looking for a little pick-me-up? Thanks to some sponsorship money from JetPens, I have just the thing— a giveaway sure to warm your heart and your head. I wrote the rough draft of this review with a Regal 503 Hadrian fountain pen, with a medium nib. This pen popped up in a recent JetPens newsletter and I thought it’d be fun to try out, then give away.

Regal 503 Hadrian Fountain pen

The pen’s copper body sports a gunmetal finish, and an etched line pattern, giving it that executive look without the executive price. The pen’s accents are chrome-plated and there’s a Swarovski crystal on the clip for a touch of elegance. (To be honest, the crystal isn’t really my thing, but it’s pretty understated and not too blingy.) The pen has nice heft and balance, weighing 30.3g capped (16.4g body, 13.9g cap). The snap cap posts securely and is in no danger of wiggling off.

Regal Hadrian 503 Fountain Pen

The pen takes short international cartridges, and one is included with the pen. (A converter is not included.) The nib lays down a nice medium line, and is fairly smooth. I haven’t experienced any hard starts or skips. (I used a spare cartridge I had on hand to write the review. The original cartridge will ship with the pen.)

JetPens Jet-Do Beanie
Photo courtesy of JetPens

Did you know that JetPens sells hats? No? Well, now you do! And because we’re talking about winter and cold weather, I’m going to toss in a couple of these super-cute Jet-Do Mascot Beanies as giveaway prizes. Made of  milk cotton, the hats are wonderfully soft, while also being machine washable. Size XL fits most women, while size XXL fits most men (the difference in size looks to be quite minimal). There’s also a medium size, suitable for kids. Sure to scare away the March chill with their whimsical good looks, the hats are a great way to show your love for all things JetPens.


Winner #1 will get BOTH the Regal 503 Hadrian fountain pen, AND one of the hats (choice of XL or XXL).

Jet-Do Beanie Hat

Winner #2 will win the second hat.

To ENTER: Just post a comment on this blog— maybe tell me about your favorite JetPens product or products. I’ll assign each comment a sequential number, then will use a random number generator to select TWO winners. Post your comment (one per person, please) by Monday March 9th, 11:59 pm Eastern Time (USA). I’ll select the winners on Tuesday March 10th, and will post their names on the blog. You’ll have a week to get in touch with me with your address so that I can ship your prize to you. The contest is open to US and international readers.

Thank you to JetPens for making this giveaway possible, and for bringing us such a wide variety of interesting and useful products. Yes, even hats.


79 thoughts on “A Cabin Fever Giveaway, Courtesy of JetPens

  1. I love my Pilot Kakuno. I just want to buy bunches and give them to people to introduce them to fountain pens.

  2. Thanks for a fine giveaway. And may spring be upon us.
    Is there anything not to love at Jet Pens? My first fountain pen was a Pilot Petit1 bought on a whim from JP. Changed everything!

  3. Talked to JetPens just today-excellent customer service!

    That’s a beautiful own. I’d love to add it to the collection.

  4. Thanks for the give away! There are probably no bad choices at JetPens – today’s favorite would be their selection of excellent little 10-ml bottles of J Herbin ink. 🙂

  5. Everything I’ve gotten at Jet Pens has been fine, but my favorite thing is the time I spend looking at all their products and drafting wish lists in my mind.

  6. It’s great that you are sharing Jet Pen products. They have so many useful and fun items. I hadn’t used fountain pens in decades, but seeing Jet Pens’ site tempted me to buy my first in recent times–a Pelikan Twist in ocean blue. And now fountain pens are becoming one of my main free time interests.

  7. My favorite JetPens product…. That’s a tough one they have so many good products it’s hard to choose without writing a novel. But I would have to say their wide variety of fountain pens.

  8. Jet Pens is a go-to when I’m in the States – just have to keep a list of wants for ordering! Cool hat, too!

  9. I am new to fountain pens but love the feeling of writing with one. It’s taking a lot longer to get work done because I am distracted by the pen, which at the moment is a cheap,but lovely, Lamy safari. Love your handwriting by the way, keep up the great posts. Stu from Australia 😎 ps would love to broaden my pen collection

  10. Well, I’m the international guy, thus I don’t order from Jetpens. I mean, shipping would probably kill me, being in the Netherlands. However we have our own Jetpens, kinda: penstore.nl who are super on service. Anyway, recently ordered the Platinum Balance Crystal (aka Cool) in blue, some J. Herbin and a Pilot Juice dark red. Nice!
    Count me in on the giveaway. Liking the blog, gives me love…

  11. Thanks for doing the giveaway! I gotta say that while I love the pen selection at Jetpens, I’m a big fan of their craft product line, notably the envelope templates! And I still want to try the JetPens mini fountain pen!

  12. Nice looking pen and the hat is cute, as well. Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite JetPens product would be the Lilliput (steel).

  13. Thanks for another fun competition. And I love the Pilot Juice! Then throw the barrel away and use the cartridge in G2 type pens 🙂

    And I’m bald and it’s cold. I can haz warm hat plz?

  14. My favorite JetPens purchase so far is probably my Pilot Metropolitan, with my Mitshibushi Uni clutch pencil a close second!

  15. Ah, JetPens is so fab! I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite product that they stock – I love it all, pretty much! I will say, I’m pleased they carry a wide range of fountain-pen-suitable paper. I’ve been using fountain pens for ages, but finding good notebooks that don’t cost a fortune has always been something of a crapshoot.

  16. The Lihit Lab Teffa pen case is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made – my ‘everyday carry’ consists now of 13 – count ’em, 13! – pens, plus 3 small notebooks, two flash drives, address book and cough drops, all in one little compact case that I can carry anywhere! Love Jet Pens!

  17. I haven’t bought anything from JetPens yet but I really love their stock of fountain pens, ink and paper! I just saw that they have Sailor inks which I haven’t tried but have been meaning to!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Thanks for the giveaway. I love JetPens. I especially enjoy using my Metropolitan Fountain pen, my KuruToga pencils and Pentel and Tombow brush pens. Great company, Great service.

  19. I love Lamy Safari from jetpens. I also like to browse through their collection and make a wishlist…so many goodies..and.so tough to pick just one!

  20. Love my Kaweco Lilliput orders from Jetpens. Great company, great giveaway. Hope the weather warms up soon for you.

  21. I have so many pen cases that I got from JP – gotta have somewhere to put all those pens and pencils 🙂

  22. I love Jetpens – they’re my “go-to” for fp friendly notebooks as well as for pencils and erasers…so cool!

  23. I think my favorite product(s) are the selection of the small Diamine bottles of ink, the Pilot Kakunos AND FREE SHIPPING when you hit $25. Free shipping might be my favorite offering at JetPens.com! Thanks for the chance to win Mary!

  24. Pingback: Link Love: The One Without a Pun | The Well-Appointed Desk

  25. I have gotten a couple of cases from Jetpens that I love: Kokuyo C@ Tray Type Pencil Case and the P+G PochiSlim Silicone Pen Case. Awesome giveaway. Thank you for the chance !

  26. Cute hat! Though it’s currently very warm here. I especially like JetPens’ large selection of .3mm gel pens. The pencil cases are also awesome; received one as a birthday gift.

  27. I love Jet Pens. My wish list there is always extensive, which is amazing because I frequently place orders for their dreamy products. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I recently bought an envelope teplate from Jet Pens and I love it. It is so much fun looking for interesting things to turn into envelopes when I write letters.

  29. Great give away. I’m currently caught up with the Morning Glory Mach 3 .38mm Rollerball, great color selection and writes better IMHO than any fine point I’ve ever used.

  30. I bought a pen wrap made of a lovely kimono-like fabric that I adore. Why shouldn’t your pretty pens have a pretty home to be tucked into?

  31. Jetpens keeps me supplied in fountain pens and inks and I always have loose leaf tomoe river paper for letters around. I’m really excited that they now stock Midori Traveler’s notebook refills.

  32. I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the JetPens giveaway. I’ve been obsessed with inexpensive pens to fill out my collection lately and glad I found yet another fountain pen review site.

  33. I bought my Coleto Hi Tec C multi-pen from Jetpens and it’s still one of my daily use pens (because I color code my to-do list). Since then, of course, I’ve spent a small fortune at Jetpens. I dream of visiting their warehouse someday. 😀

  34. JetPens has been a total gateway drug for me – they’re so fabulous and have opened me up to a whole new world of pens! This is a great giveaway – thanks 🙂

  35. Got to love my Kaweco Sport Black with gold nib and gold clip. If I win, I get the pen and my daughter would love the hat!

  36. My favorite product is probably the Platinum Preppy, only because it’s the first fountain pen I ever got.
    Thanks for the giveaway, the pen looks great!

  37. Spent the last few days pretty much snowed in and had plenty of time to obsess over the JetPens site. I have many items on my wish list. Great giveaway; thanks

  38. If I won I am 99.9% certain that my kids would take the hat. At least I could claim the pen 🙂 My favorite depends on what I am working on. For example for writing / journaling I like marvy le pens, zig writers, Sakura micron pens or a zebra sarasa gel pens (archival quality); for mixed media artwork I use different colored pens and markers.

  39. I’ve never had a fountain pen, but I want one. I’m partial to a fine tip pen so far. I love your blog.

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