Citrusy! The Faber-Castell Lime LOOM Fountain Pen

Faber-Castell LOOM

I had the Faber-Castell LOOM fountain pen on my radar for along time before hitting the “Buy Now” button. I can’t explain why as I’ve read and seen numerous favorable reviews, and have had nothing but great experiences with Faber-Castell nibs. The price— a modest $40-ish— wasn’t the hurdle, either. Whatever the reason, I found myself picking other pens to purchase while the LOOM languished on my Someday/Maybe list.


In October 2014, Fountain Pen Hospital ran a “flash sale,” and as I casually browsed the offerings, I noticed this Lime Green LOOM for a slightly reduced price. I like lime green almost as much as I like orange (when I’m in the mood for something bright), so why back-burner this pen yet again?

Unposted vs. Retro 51
Unposted LOOM vs. Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball

I inked the pen as soon as it arrived and found that any niggly hesitation I’d had was not at all warranted. The oversized cap sort of put me off initially, as it looks as though it’ll add an unwieldy amount of weight to the back of the pen when posted, but I haven’t found that to be the case. The pen is light and on the short side (4.7″) when unposted, and though perfectly usable, I prefer the added weight and length posting the cap adds (posted length is 5.9″). The cap snaps on with a convincing click, and posts deeply and securely. Even though the cap makes the pen look a little bit like a bobble-head, it’s actually not an issue.

Posted vs. Retro 1951 Rollerball

This pen’s body features the highly polished “Piano” finish, so, of course, it’s a fingerprint magnet. I give the pen a quick wipe after a writing session and all is well. If fingerprints give you a nervous twitch, you’d be better off choosing a LOOM with the “Metallic” (Matte) finish.

Nib and grip

The matte metal section features a series of raised ridges that help with grip, though I have to admit that I find the section to be a little slippery nonetheless. Because of the curved shape, and the fact that there isn’t any kind “stop” at the end of the section, my fingers tend to drift towards the nib, despite the added ridges. Since I’m a “low-gripper,” this doesn’t really bother me, but it’s worth noting.

Clip attachment
Integrated clip

End of body
The mirrored, concave end of the pen

The clip is spring-loaded and substantial, the branding is subtle, and the lime green color of the cap (other colors are available) pops in a wonderfully citrusy kind of way. But what I REALLY love is the nib. The fine nib on this pen (the only size available during the FPH sale) is super smooth— just like all of my other Faber-Castell pens. Because I’ve read so many great reviews about Faber-Castell nibs, even on the economical models, I have to assume that this is a company that has their nib QC down to a science. Pay a little or pay a lot— you still get a consistently great nib. I’ve had zero start-up issues, writing is silky smooth, and there’s never been a skip or a hesitation.

Oh, that nib!

Available from a variety of vendors (including Faber-Castell), in a number of colors, and in both matte and gloss finishes, the Faber-Castell LOOM is a pen that delivers great performance at a very reasonable price. Fountain pens not your thing? The LOOM is also available in rollerball and ballpoint formats.

After spending the past few months with this pen, I’m glad I finally moved the LOOM off of my Someday/Maybe list and onto the list of pens I own. It’s one that I keep consistently inked, usually with Sailor Yama Dori, and use it often for letter writing,  journaling, and note-taking. Because— wow— that nib!

Faber-Castell LOOM

In a nutshell:
+ Super smooth Faber-Castell steel nib
+ Springy, sturdy clip
+ Snap cap, posts securely and deeply
+ Matte grip section, mirror finish body and clip
+ Cartridge/converter
+ Subtle branding (jousting!) on cap, cap end, and nib
+ Not too heavy, not too light (25g body, 7g cap)
– Mirror finish is a finger-print magnet
– Some may find the grip a little slippery
– Converter NOT included

For a couple of other takes on the Faber-Castell LOOM, check out…
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Faber-Castell LOOM pens are available from:

8 thoughts on “Citrusy! The Faber-Castell Lime LOOM Fountain Pen

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  2. Thank you for the nice review. I have been using a fountain pen that I bought years ago, no brand name, from a local store. It was so nice but it is too scratchy now cause I ruined it while trying to smoothen the nib with my nail polisher.Feeling so stressed about it cause it was my long time friend:( I will buy one but don’t want to spend hundreds and try this one and that one. I have searched a lot for a fountainpen which writes smooth,watched many videos but I can’t decide now. So which one would you advice, Faber Castell Loom, Twsbi 580, or Lamy Safari. By the way, I have small hands.I really need your advice. I don’t really enjoy writing without an FP.Thank you.

    • Tough to answer for someone else, but I would PROBABLY choose the TWSBI 580. I like the piston-filler on the 580 as it’s super easy to clean and has a very good ink capacity. You can also swap in different nib units easily. The Safaris are fun and very reasonable and nib-swapping is a cinch, but you want to make sure that the contoured grip won’t bother you before buying one. I love the Loom (Faber-Castell FPs always have very smooth nibs), but suspect it may not be the pen for everyone. Have you considered the Pilot Metropolitan? Super great value, especially if you’re looking for a pen that lays down a very fine line. Hope this helps. As I said, it’s best if you can try before you buy if you’re not sure about a pen, though I know that isn’t always possible.

      • Thank you:) Your advice will really help me a lot. Even if you can try a ballpoint or roller pen, as you mentioned, it is really difficult to find a place where I can try a fountain pen. Your ideas and warnings will be much more beneficial for me.

  3. Has there been a cap loosening issue for the faber castell loom fountain pen? I read about a comment about the cap becoming loose from the body easily.

    • I’m not exactly sure what you mean by cap loosening issue. Can you clarify? Happy to provide feedback, but I just want to make sure I’m understanding the question correctly. Thanks!

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