6 thoughts on “Lamy, Take Me Away: The Lamy Logo

  1. Stunning pen, nice review. The clip reminds me a little of one of the Watermans, I think it’s the DG – but on the Waterman it always looked clunky, on the Lamy it looks marvellous.

    I don’t often like metal pens, but I think Lamy does them well, perhaps because of their use of textures like the brushed metal (nicely contrasted with the brilliant shine at the ends) and the ribbing on this pen. And Lamy makes metal pens light, too.

  2. Nice review!
    It is so interesting to read about filling up a converter without taking it out. I didn´t even know that this was possible, even though that I am used to write with fountain pens. Growing up in Germany, we had to use fountain pens at school. And since I started with the Lamy ABC fountain pen, I do not post fountain pens as this pen couldn´t be posted.
    You can always learn something new 😉

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  4. Thanks for the review 🙂

    I like metal FPs but the weight often is concern for me for long writing sessions too. I will check it out as I like the design.

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  6. Beautiful review. I own this pen and it is a very good writer. But the finish has issues. The cap end and barrel end are plastic covered with a silvery foil of some sort and it comes off. Not a nice sight. Ugly even. But I agree with you. It’s a very nice pen. Loved it very much.

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