United We Stand: The Divide by Dudek Modern Goods (A Giveaway!)

The Divide

We humans are always finding ways to divide ourselves into “us” and “them.” Coke vs. Pepsi, introverts vs. extroverts, cats vs. dogs, early risers vs. night owls. We like what we like and burn through energy trying to convince others why we’re right and they’re wrong. What a strange bunch we are!

The Divide with pencils

I’ve found an exception to that rule in the pen, pencil, and paper communities. Instead of bickering about what we personally like or dislike, I’ve found the “writing implement” community to be fun, supportive, encouraging, down-to-earth, and exceptionally friendly. These are my people. We may have different tastes, budgets, and obsession levels, but we’re always there to help each other with advice, kind words, recommendations, and solutions.

The Divide

The Divide, by Mike Dudek of Dudek Modern Goods, represents that “let’s all get along” spirit by providing a place for your pens, pencils, AND pocket notebooks to live in harmony. Starting out as a special request by Tim Wasem of the Erasable Podcast, The Divide is now a regular in Mike’s line-up of handmade goods. Mine arrived last week and I already find myself longing for a second one— one for work and one for home. This thing looks and feels great, SMELLS divine (that wonderful “woodshop” smell), and is absolutely perfect for corralling six of your pens, six of your pencils, and three of your pocket notebooks. No more flotsam and jetsam scattered all over your desk.

Felt pads & branding

Made of solid walnut by Mike himself, The Divide measures 2.5″H x 5.5″W x 3″D. It has a “just the right size” footprint that doesn’t consume too much desk space. Using my handy dandy (and cheap) Harbor Freight digital caliper, I found that the pencils holes measure 0.4″, while the pen holes measure 0.5″ and 0.6″ (give or take a few hundredths of an inch). Hand-rubbed with a stain poly finish, The Divide feels like a small piece of fine furniture. The underside features felt pads to prevent the surface of your desk (or the bottom of The Divide) from getting scratched, as well as a smart looking Dudek Modern Goods “brand.” It’s simple but solid. Divided but harmonized. It’s a really, really nice piece of handcrafted goodness.

The Divide

I picked mine up from Mike’s shop, but thanks to Mike’s generosity, you can enter to win your very own Divide. Just post a comment on this blog— maybe pass along a few words about how the pen/pencil/paper community has helped, encouraged, or entertained you. I’ll assign each comment a sequential number, then will use a random number generator to select a winner. Post your comment (one per person, please) by Sunday December 7th, 11:59 pm Eastern Time (USA). I’ll select a winner on Monday December 8th, and will post their name right here on the blog. You’ll have a week to get in touch with me with your address so that I can pass it along to Mike. (The Divide will ship directly from Mike to the lucky winner.) The contest is open to US and international readers. [Pens, pencils, and Ambition Field Notes not included in the giveaway.]

The Divide

The world can be a prickly place, but our love of pens, paper, pencils, and notebooks keeps us together— just like The Divide.

The Divide

Check out The Divide, as well as Mike’s other products HERE.

(There are no affiliate links in this post, and I was not compensated for this review. I’m just a big fan of Mike’s work. Thanks to Mike for making this prize available for giveaway.)

127 thoughts on “United We Stand: The Divide by Dudek Modern Goods (A Giveaway!)

  1. What a fabulous giveaway! I’d love this fabulous storage block from Mr. Dudeck, but the support of the pen, pencil, and paper community has lightened my wallet to the point that, alas, I shall not purchase one for quite a while.

  2. I have been interested in “pens, pencils, and paper” since I was a child. In the last few years I have been able to continue this interest with more verve in the company of like minded people. The addition of a deep a appreciation for fountain pens has embellished everything into a fabulous hobby. The Divide has room for for all of the ingredients. Love to have one of those!

  3. Thank you for the great giveaway! New to fountain pens, I have found the fountain pen folks so very generous with their knowledge – a local pen club group have been wonderfully helpful, friendly and and encouraging!

  4. How has the pen, paper community helped me? It has made me realize I am not alone in my love for all things paper and pen related. The joy of a pristine planner and a great pen before me is shared by others? I am happy. And this fabulous pen holder would give me bliss.

  5. I have yet to come across an unfriendly person in this writing implement community. There is no need to ask “Why can’t we just all get along” because we already do. I would love to win this but wish good luck to all. Thanks Mike and Mary for the opportunity

  6. A nice Divide would certainly complement my original Block… anything that might bring a little order to my addiction would be most welcome.

  7. The pen, pencil, paper community has eased my anxiety about being the only weird one in my family. I now know that I do not stand alone in my love of all things writing. Gimme that Divide!

  8. My family doesn’t understand my obsession with pens, but I love that I can find a LOT of people online who also love pens & paper!

  9. The pen, pencil and paper community has shown me that I am not alone. Compared to some of you guys, I’m downright normal! 😉

  10. Hi! Beautiful craftsmanship, thank you for the chance to win it and the links to find more. I’m just starting out in the pen and notebook lifestyle. You and your fellow community of writers and reviewers have been helpful and entertaining and have made the first steps down this road very enjoyable. Always looking forward to more posts! – JC

  11. Great giveaway and commentary – thank you! I think the thing that has struck me most about the pen community is what a wonderful balance we all tend to strike between having strong opinions and yet being accepting; given the breadth of products, options, personalities and tastes, it seems almost impossible to do otherwise!

  12. I like the simple (and practical) good looks of the Divide. I was showing my wife your nice photos and said, “See, there’s that Blackwing Pearl I just got. And I think that’s a Blackwing 602. Oh, and that Retro 51 there is kind of like the one that came in the mail today. And there’s a Retrakt like they had on Massdrop, and a Safari… Hey, where’d you go?” 🙂

  13. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m grateful to the blogging community for all the great tips and info on buying, using, and enjoying pens, pencils, and other office supplies.

  14. What a great giveaway. I’ve just gotten into fountain pens in the last year after inheriting a small collection from my dad. As I’ve been researching how to clean, fill, and enjoy them, I’ve found a true community of wonderful people who all want to share their love of this “analog” world of pens, pencils, and paper. It’s been a great way to remember my father.

  15. It is one of the biggest problems that searcing a safe place to put your valuable pens into..
    Mr Dudek done great.. I want one 🙂

  16. a FEW words on how the community has helped or entertained me… that would be difficult. I so much enjoy the blogs of you, Mike, Brad, and others. You write so entertaining, mostly leaving me with a smile (and wanting to buy stuff).
    The Divide is divine, count me in!

  17. Wonderful when faced with a clunker to know there are so many resources to help me repair it – SBRE Brown’s Dissassembly line, Grandmia’s videos, forums on FPGeeks and FPN… and people are so generous with advice. And then all these blogs, and giveaways (and sometimes I do win something!), and pen porn photos… and pen shows!!!

  18. That’s a brilliant design, practical & attractive at the same time, an ideal way to display pretty pens where they’re actually easily to hand also. I’m quite new to the world of fountain pens & stationery but greatly enjoying my new-found obsession thanks to the many blogs and boards with postings from like-minded folk; we seem a friendly cheery bunch to be sure! And yes, I and my desk would love our very own Divide 🙂

  19. The Divide, the Block, Mike needs to come up with some positive sounding names 😉 Love both blogs and Mike has already taken a lot of my money!

  20. I would love to win, although I would probably fill the pencil side with Caran D’Ache pens. The pen community has been very supportive of my addiction, helping me learn about fountain pens, paper, and showing me that beautiful handwriting is not a thing of the past. Good luck to us all.

  21. As an IT guy i found myself forgetting everything that I typed in my digital to do list. I am now back to writing everything down on paper so I can remember it now and not later:) I use field notes for home and work and this would look great on my desk instead of using a pickle jar for my pens and paper scattered everywhere. Thanks for this excellent giveaway opportunity!

  22. I’m relatively new to the pen community and have been looking for a way to easily access my favorites. I would love to give this a try!

  23. The pen community, followed later by the knife community, helped restore some of my faith in humanity. They showed me that there are still good people who care about others, and that not everyone is consumed with begging for more followers and more likes (although a glance in my wallet might leave you thinking the pen and knife communities mugged me instead).

  24. I came to this little nook via a lined moleskine. Which pen works best – pilot g2? What’s ghosting? Oh really – Rhodia is better? Why? With a Lamy 2000? Cool. There’s dot grid? No kidding – a pocket notebook! I’ll get a Blackwing to try it out. What’s a Signo dx? I’ll just stick to composition books – too complicated. Many notebooks, pens, pencils and ink samples later I find ‘The Divide’ to be a nice little uniting piece that symbolizes a fun little journey of sorts. Very appropriate. If not selected it’ll still be on my Christmas list.

  25. All the pen and pencil blogs I read feed my lust for writing instruments and accessories! I would love to have a Dudek Divide to bring some order to my desk.

  26. Whether it’s pen or pencil it’s all about communication ideas, emotions & spirit. Taking the time to do so on paper say much about the value you place on the content and on the receiver.

  27. Great reminders to close the computer and enjoy some beautiful things that come in small packages! Thanks for the chance!

  28. This looks like a fabulous addition to the desk of many of the pen lovers I know (including my own) 😉 Great review and thanks for giving me this gift idea!

  29. I hadn’t used woodcase pencils since elementary school, but the stationery community has made me go out and purchase some General’s, Staedtler, and Mitsubishi pencils in several different hardness grades to try out. I’m finding that I do enjoy using them for certain things.

  30. I’d love to make this a new addition to my desk. I’ve been looking for a nice way to store my new pens in a nice presentable way!

  31. This is a great Giveaway! I have become so dedicated to the analog that I fear I may never make it back – if it wasn’t for blogs and review sites I might never use the computer again!

  32. Love! Over the past 15 or so years, the pen community (from Pentrace to FPN to all the wonderful blogs) encouraged & engaged me in lovely pen goodness. I can’t thank you enough!

  33. Definitely a great product. I’m grateful that there is so much information out there on great pens. If not for the pen community I never would have discovered Decimos and my Sapporo, super fine and exactly what I wanted.

  34. I think the most important thing about the pen/pencil/writing utensil community is the enormous amount of information that is always available. I am constantly reading blogs and forums and I’ve learned so much about all these products that we all use, but I’ve also gotten a deeper love for calligraphy and for penmanship, which I am always thankful to the community for. Cheers.

  35. I thank the Pen Addict podcast for helping me find truly great devices to write with and opening me up to the fine writing device community. I now have a daily writing routine that keeps me level headed.

  36. Like many others who have posted, I’ve loved pens, pencils, paper, etc for a long time but only recently found that there was a community of like-minded people on line. This is great for my soul but BAD for my wallet!

  37. What a great giveaway! The pen and paper community has really brought a lot of creativity back into my life… I now take more time to doodle and draw, and I’m thinking of taking a painting class in the spring! It’s a wonderful community that I am proud to be part of.

  38. Thank you for the review. I’m just now getting into the analog world of writing with fine pens and paper, and posts like these help me decide where to spend my money.

  39. I’d always been into notebooks and pens, since that’s one of my primary work tools. I didn’t really know the online community existed, but since I’ve found it, it’s been amazing to learn about all the offerings out there. Not great for my wallet, though.

  40. I’ve been a big fan of stationery and pens in general, but only recently have I really started to discover fountain pens… Reason being – I find my handwriting rather unsightly. But I figured, maybe if I use FPs to write everything from journal entries to post it notes, it will improve my writing! I’m glad to say it is working! Write on!

  41. What a beautiful piece of craftsmanchip!
    I ilke the many blogs in the pen community, were you can find so many new things.

  42. I remember as a little boy going to the office supply store with my dad and how much fun it was to look at all the cool products. I think it may have been that same feeling we got on the first day of school – new pens, pencils, paper – a chance to start anew, and everything can be perfect THIS time around . . . . That fascination never left me. And now one of my three boys shares the same interest (obsession?).

  43. It looks like a lovely product. I have recently started getting fountain pens and they seem to come in a wide range of thickness- it would be useful to have an approximate idea as to which pens might NOT fit in the holes.

  44. Wow, I just stumbled upon this. I have been a pen AND pencil and notebook junkie since I was a kid and did not know there were blogs like this. This holder makes me drool! Thanks for the chance to win.

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