My Pencil: The Palomino Blackwing Pearl

Many thanks to JetPens for sponsoring the purchase of the pencils reviewed here. There are no affiliate links and I was not monetarily compensated. This review reflects my opinions and experiences with the pencils. 

Palomino Blackwing Pearls

I blame— or credit— the Erasable podcast for the avalanche of woodcase pencils that have taken over my house. I was bit of a pencil hoarder before, but thanks to their enabling, I’ve taken a deep-dive and purchased and collected more pencils than an entire elementary school could use in a few years. (Some donations may be in order.) I’ve proclaimed the Palomino Blackwings and Palomino Blackwing 602s as some of my favorites, and even got my mother hooked on them. (Great Mother’s Day present, by the way!)

Palomino Blackwing Pearls

Turns out the Blackwings and 602s were merely gateway drugs to a new pencil high experienced with the purchase of the Palomino Blackwing Pearls. When you find yourself walking around your pencil-stuffed house mumbling, “Where IS my Palomino Pearl?”, you know you’ve found your drug…ummm…pencil.

Palomino Blackwing Pearls

I’ve always been a sucker for a true “pearl” finish— on cars, pens, etc.— and these pencils shine with their pearly white coat. I can’t really capture it in my photos, but it’s a lovely and unusual look for a pencil. I think it’s stunning. So yes, I initially judged this pencil by its finish.

Palomono Blackwing Pearl on a writing sample

Pearl writing sample

But to love this pencil for its finish alone would be short-sighted. The Pearl lays down a creamy feeling line— smooth and dark with a point that lasts and lasts. It’s crazy good. Of the 602, Blackwing, and Pearl, I like this one the best. To my eye, the line seems to fall between the 602 and Blackwing in terms of darkness, and with better point retention than the Blackwing. But what do I know? I’m new to this whole pencil game, so take these details with a grain of salt. Bottom line, though, this is a VERY NICE pencil.

Pearl's replaceable eraser

Pearl's replaceable eraser

If you’re new to the Blackwing line, you may not realize that the uniquely shaped eraser is adjustable AND replaceable. That is, you can “scooch” up the eraser in the eraser holder as it wears down, then replace it altogether when it gets too small. I tend to use up my pencil before the eraser gives out (I’m a bit of an obsessive sharpener), but it’s a cool feature.

Palomino Blackwing Pearls

I’m only exaggerating slightly when I say that opening this box of pencils was one of those “I hear the angels sing” writing instrument moments. (I’m not the only one who has those, am I?!)

Palomino Blackwing Pearls

The Palomino Blackwing Pearls— I have found my pencils.

Palomino Blackwing Pearls


Want to hear the angels sing, too? Check out JetPens Palomino Blackwing offerings HERE. Hey, there are some pretty cool colored replacement erasers. I didn’t know that until just now!


31 thoughts on “My Pencil: The Palomino Blackwing Pearl

  1. Attractive ladies who write interesting blogs and have awesome penwomanship need to use… mechanical pencils!

    Wooden pencils are cool, and replaceable erasers are cool, but at the end of the day all you you have is what you’ve written and a pile of aromatic sawdust. Now with mechanical pencils, you would have what you’ve written and an instrument that has lived to write another day.

    So, I gather from your avatar that you’re a dog person. The girls on the dorm floor below us have adopted a kitten. Named Buttons. It wears a pink collar with a bell. The guys on our floor have learned an important life lesson… wanna make points with the girls… be super sweet to Buttons, but do not feed Buttons anchovies off the pizza.

      • No, alas I was the one who fed Buttons the anchovies. I am not very popular with the femmes fatales on the lower floor. The trouble seemed to be that Buttons enjoyed the anchovies and other refreshments in our room, then repaired to her owners’ room where, we’re told, the results of her overindulgence were, in a word, spectacular. I’ll spare you the details.

  2. About your pencilwomanship, me too, me too! Part of what makes your handwriting so legible (besides the excellence of the Pearl, of course), is the uniformity of the slant, and the spacing between words and lines. I wish I could do that!

  3. Great post. Haven’t been able to get myself to pull the trigger on any Blackwings yet. I may need to splurge soon. If you ever do want to donate any pencils, my 4th grade class will take them. I’ll pay for shipping!

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  6. Nice review. Are those little dimples on the eraser holder standard now? I have had to resort to a number of different modifications (with varying degrees of success) to get a shortened eraser to stay put. It’s nice to think that Palomino is actually trying to fix the problem.

    • They do appear to be standard. Not terribly grippy, but probably better than nothing. I do tend to run out of pencil before eraser, so I haven’t played with the eraser height too much as yet.

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