I [heart] you: Pelikan M205 and Levenger Shiraz Ink

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Pelikan M205
Rhodium trim, Steel nib

This pen purchase resulted from a recent episode of The Pen Addict podcast where both Brad and Myke sang the praises of their Pelikans. That same day, someone on Twitter mentioned a sale on the Pelikan M205 at Fountain Pen Hospital, so I called it a sign and ordered one. What can I say, my arm was twisted. By fate.

Right around the same time, I was ordering some refills from Levenger, and decided to add a bottle of their Shiraz ink to the order. Both orders arrived on the same day so the obvious choice was to fill one with the other.

Hoo boy, do I love this pair.

Just like peanut butter and chocolate (or chocolate and peanut butter), the Pelikan M205 and the Shiraz ink are two things that work perfectly together. I’m always looking for reasons to use this particular combination, even though I’m someone who leans heavily towards “traditional” ink colors— black, blue-black, blue, brown, and dusty green. The Shiraz looks exactly as I hoped it would— not pink, not red, not purple, but SHIRAZ. It’s not waterproof, for those who care. I love the way it pops on a page without being obnoxious. Simply gorgeous, with a bit of shading. This is an ink that’s kicked me out of my “conservative” rut.

Levenger Shiraz

M205 vs. Lamy 2000
An understated pair for size comparison: Lamy 2000 vs. Pelikan M205

The M205 is one of my smaller (5″ capped; 4-7/8″ uncapped; 6″ posted) and lighter (a mere 14 grams overall) pens, but is an absolute joy to hold and use. It’s a piston filler which makes filling and cleaning fast and easy. The medium steel nib (the only option on this sale pen) is smooth and juicy, but without any flex. This is a very classic looking pen— devoid of any real bling— but who needs bling when you perform this well?! It’s understated and unassuming— a real classic.

Pelikan M205 medium steel nib

Pelikan clip/beak
Pelikan clip/pelican beak

The “pelican’s beak” clip is iconic and suitably springy. The caps band simply states “PELIKAN” and “GERMANY.” I have the black body version, but there are others available— red, taupe, white. Since I’m prone to making sure the pen and ink color complement each other, black is probably the best choice for me, anyway. Everything goes with black. Well…yeah…and also with white. And taupe.

Pelikan M205 ink window

The smoke-colored ink window lets me know when my beloved Shiraz is “down a quart.” I enjoy watching the ink slosh around as the level changes.

This is, admittedly, an entry level Pelikan pen, and there are many prettier and more expensive models available, but for everyday use, the M205 suits me just fine, and it’s been a great way for me to dip my toe in the shallow end of the Pelikan pool.

Pelikan logo

I’m irrationally smitten by the Pelikan logo on the cap— a mama pelican with her chick. Such a sweet pair looking at each other with affection— exactly the way I look at my M205 filled with the Shiraz ink.

Pelikan M205

True love forever.

Shiraz heart




12 thoughts on “I [heart] you: Pelikan M205 and Levenger Shiraz Ink

  1. I have a taupe m205 with a broad stub by Richard Binder. (I sold lots of books on eBay to be able to afford it.) Now I see that I definitely need to get some Shiraz to put in it! 😀

  2. It is a good thing to see the joy this pen has given you. Got my Pelikan used (it had been Binderized to a stub), writes a cool wet line. A pleasure to look at as well. Aren’t we a simple happy lot to get so much joy from something so simple as a pen. Now if I could sell a kidney and get a Delta think how happy I would be.

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  4. Hi, Mary–I found your blog through someone else’s link. I love the look of that Levenger Shiraz. My second Pelikan is a M200 Demonstrator, and I really love how smoothly it writes, even though the nib is gold plate and not gold. Thank you for your review.

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  6. I really like your blog, Mary. I keep thinking that I neeed to get a Pelikan to add to my collection, but I keep putting it off. I’ll be looking hard at them when I go to pen shows this summer.

    • Thanks, Mike! That’s a great plan…to check out the actual pens at a pen show. I plan to be at the DC Show and will do the same!

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