Fresh Start

Bath night

I’m lucky. The college I work for chooses to close down from Christmas Eve though January 1st, and that break is something I anticipate all year. I look forward to relaxing (after the Christmas hub-bub is over) and catching up on tasks and chores. This year I didn’t do as much relaxing as I’d hoped, but it was still a great break— despite one of my dogs chewing on a menthol cough drop Christmas morning which forced me to Google “Will menthol kill my dog?”, and discovering that my husband accidentally washed and DRIED one of my favorite wool sweaters. Ouch.

I like to kick back a little. Read for pleasure. See a movie or two. AND ORGANIZE THINGS. The urge to straighten up, toss what’s outdated (hello, pantry!), and give my address book a good hard look/purge kicks in strong at the start of the new year. So it’s not surprising that I recently spent some time cleaning out almost all of my currently inked pens.

Ready for the new year and new ink
Ready for the new year and new ink

I had way too many inked and knowing that bothered me. So I spent a couple of evenings getting things under control and it feels great. Now I can ink some new pens, and actually use the ones that ARE inked. I keep my pen/ink list updated in Evernote and right now I only have four or five pens in use. Which is plenty.

Looking ahead to the new year, I plan to maintain this low number of inked pens, while rotating different pens in and out, and to use them more thoughtfully, more intentionally— less like I have pen ADD. I’ve also lined up a couple of pen pals to make sure that I regularly WRITE THINGS. Which is important when you…you know…hoard collect pens.

I’m not planning to reduce my collection. They’re all dear to me. But I feel better knowing that I’m treating my pens well; knowing that they’re clean, well cared for, and intentionally inked.

Well cared for

Here’s to a fresh start. Happy 2014 to you and your pens!

6 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. Question, do you have a template for evernote you use to track you pens – if so could you share
    I try to utilize evernote and your idea caught me as I don’t currently utilize that tool

    Thank in advance

    Warm Regards

    Carl Wood
    aka cwent2 FPG.

    • Hi, Carl. I just keep a simple list in Evernote- organized by pen brand, I list each pen and the ink it’s loaded with. Inked pens are in a black font and uninked pens are in red, so it’s visually easy to see what’s inked and what isn’t. I like that the list is synced to all of my devices so I can look up this info at any time.

      • Mary

        Thanks, I like Evernote for the same reason and I can quickly clip an article I run across at lunch at work, so I can read it later.

        Your method is a good idea.



  2. Lovely post. I can easily identify most of those pens, but what is that metal looking one beneath the white safari? It looks right up my alley!

    • That’s a stainless Sheaffer NoNonsense that I purchased used from Dan Smith (@FPGeeks). It brings back good memories of my early “good” pens. I was particular about what I wrote with as far back as junior high!

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