Conference swag


I’m at a weeklong conference, so no real review this week. But I DID spend the afternoon at a scientific trade show where I picked up a tote bag full of conference swag. Not surprisingly, I hone in on the vendors offering office supplies. By the end of the day, I accumulated a nice supply of ballpoints (most were unremarkable, though one appears to take Cross style refill and is uncharacteristically excellent), a few gels pens, a few black pencils, notepads, one notebook, and a very cool little book of sticky notes.

And, yes, vendors…I judge you by your swag.


A syringe highlighter? Yes, please.

I’ll continue my quest in the morning. An empty tote bag awaits!

One thought on “Conference swag

  1. I regularly attend medical conferences in the U.S. and the quality and quantity of pharma swag has declined in recent years, since changes in marketing rules. I lament particularly the loss of quality meeting briefcases/backpacks. Now they’re eco-friendly shopping-bag-type bags.

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