A Tale of Two Nibs: Lamy Safari Neon Yellow (2013 LE)

If there ever was a pen that makes you want to wear sunglasses, it’s the Lamy Safari Neon Yellow (2013 LE) fountain pen. Though it doesn’t actually glow in the dark, it certainly looks like it could/should/would. This pen pops with neon goodness, even more than the pictures show.

Neon Lamy + Ray-Bans
A pen made for Ray-Bans

But you’ve undoubtedly already heard about the intense brightness of this pen, I imagine. The tale, this time, is not really about the extreme yellowness, but about the nib(s). One pen, two nibs.

When I inked up my new Lamy with Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue, that tingly buzz of anticipation zipped though me. But when I put the black EF nib to paper, the flow was quite spare. The flow simply did not flow. Well, shoot.

Black EF nib
Optional black EF nib, via Goulet Pens

I scribbled all over different kinds of paper, figuring it’d get going, but nope. If I pressed really hard, I could get some grayish dry lines from the pen, but that type of line is just frustrating. Sooo…I stepped it up a bit, flushed the pen really well, and changed to J. Herbin’s Perle Noire. Nothing but chalky feeling greyish lines. Grrrr.

Bright but disappointing
Oh so bright, but where’s my ink?!

Late that evening, I contacted Goulet Pens and explained my plight. As I DO own a few other Lamys, I COULD swab nibs around, but that wasn’t really an ideal solution. (Swapping in a fine nib that I had in an un-inked Lamy resulted in excellent flow, thus confirming that the issue was definitely with the nib.) The next day, Katy replied, and offered to send me a new nib as well as a pre-paid envelope so that I could return the “problem child.” Perfect!!

That package arrived yesterday, so I postponed dinner (priorities!) and immediately swapped in the nib, then scribbled away.

Nib test
Nib tests

All better. I’m now getting a spot on wettish EF flow from the pen. Happy ending.

But wait, there’s more! Included in my Goulet Pens replacement nib package was the usual (and appreciated!) Tootsie Pop, bookmark, and sticker, as well as three ink samples…Diamine Kelly Green, Private Reserve vampire Red, and Noodler’s Kung Te-Cheng. Bonus inks! Surprise!

Goulet Swag
Replacement nib, ink samples, and Goulet swag

Suddenly, my mood was as bright as my pen.

Neon Lamy vs. highlighter

It is, after all, the little things.

7 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Nibs: Lamy Safari Neon Yellow (2013 LE)

  1. It’s a “novelty” pen, for sure, and I sort of wish it had a black clip, but it’s fun to use when the mood is drooping…not that that ever happens to me. 😉

  2. Oh, it’s here already? Maybe it means that the matte black Al-star would also be (somewhat) widely available. I was thinking about getting the al-star and this (in EF and Italic nibs) but I get really frustrated with the nib issues (of course, when I finally got my EF to work after a few months, it has been a workhorse).

    • I’ve had a couple of issues with the black EF nibs…but not so much with the plain steel ones. Bit of a crapshoot!

  3. I love Lamy pens — I have quite a few Safaris and Nexxs — but the inconsistent nibs drive me crazy. But GouletPens replaced one for me, too — yay for them, and boo to Lamy’s quality control.

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