Okay: Lamy AL-Star Pearl

Lamy AL-Star Pearl
Lamy AL-Star Pearl, new for 2013

I had a Saturn sedan in this exact color (and the Goulets have TWO Pontiac Azteks in the same color). It’s not really what I would call “pearl.” Pearl, to me, is just a touch off-white with a distinctive shimmer or sheen, and this isn’t that. I don’t mind the color (obviously, since I bought the pen), but it isn’t “pearly” like nice teeth or the gate(s) leading to heaven. What it is is Saturn gold, or Aztek gold, don’t you think?

Lamy AL-Star Pearl

No worries, though. Despite the naming issue, I like this pen just fine– quite a lot actually. Coupled with the black EF nib (an option when you order from The Goulet Pen Company) and Montblanc’s Toffee Brown ink, it’s really grown on me, and I’ve been using it daily since it arrived. (For my “home” lists. For my “work” lists and notes the Lamy 2000 remains my soulmate.)

That Lamy grip
That Lamy Grip. Love it or hate it. Take it or leave it.

The contoured grip area makes the Lamy AL-Star, Safari, and Vista a no-go for some because it tends to dictate how you hold your pen. This doesn’t really bother me, so I’ve built up quite the Lamy collection without even really meaning to. (Hmmmm….mind control?) And while this 2013 color isn’t what a lot of folks were hoping for, it’s good for those looking for a “neutral” pen- one that doesn’t clash with the color of your ink.

Lamy branding

Iconic clip

The aluminum body of the AL-Star sports the same branding, iconic clip, and porthole ink window as always. Why mess with design features that are immediately recognizable and function well.

Pearl? No. Exciting? No. But I’m okay with that.

Lamy at work


13 thoughts on “Okay: Lamy AL-Star Pearl

    • Thanks, Azizah! I think the color in the photos IS pretty true to “real life.” It’s a fun, nice looking pen. This one has a very good EF nib…smooth writer. Enjoying it.

  1. I have the same pen in Orange and blue, which also are not Pearly white…but equally nice writers…and more accurately reflect the colour description.

  2. Initially, this color caught my eye and I was just about to order one when I stumbled upon the black Al-Star. Now I can’t decide – but I’m leaning towards the black.

    Thanks for a very nice review and beautiful photos!

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  5. Oh no, I almost bought this because I thought it was actually pearl-coloured! Good thing I saw your post. It’s still a beautiful colour, just not what I wanted 😦

  6. I love that the EF nib still captures the beautiful shading of the MB Toffee Brown. I am so excited I bought a bottle of this ink!

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