Icon: Lamy 2000 (Makrolon)

Pen & Ink
Lamy 2000 & Pilot Iroshizuku tsuki-yo

This pen flew under my radar for quite awhile. Since I have a bunch of Lamy Safaris and a few AL-Stars, I didn’t really see the need for a pricier Lamy. Silly me.

Lamy 2000
Not a Safari

A recent stream of positive chatter on Twitter perked up my pen ears, and I did my usual deep-dive into reviews and even a little digging into the history of the pen. The more I read and watched, the more my interest grew. The more I watched and read, the more I realized that this is a very different Lamy than the ones I already own. While the Safaris and AL-Stars are perfectly fine, well-made, fun, and colorful, the Lamy 2000 is a true icon.

Posted pen
Not an AL-Star

In continuous production since 1966, this is a pen that is gorgeously understated- looking both modern and vintage at the same time. Its subtlety is dazzling, its nib superb. I was immediately blown away by its looks and performance, and could easily see why this pen has been around, virtually unchanged, for 47 years and counting.

The pen’s features are SO well-integrated that I opted to use little red arrows to point them out. Like I said, subtle.

Piston filler knob
Well-hidden piston filler knob

Piston filler slightly open
Piston-filler knob opened just a hair

Because the pen is a piston-filler, bottled ink is required, and luckily I had a drop or two on hand. (Or a liter.) I filled it with Iroshizuku’s tsuki-yo (Moonlight) which is, in my opinion, the perfect ink for this perfect pen. They belong together. Forever and ever.

The pen body contains a very faint ink window so that you can keep an eye on the ink level. The red arrow will help you out.

Ink window
Ah, yes…THERE it is.

The spring-loaded clip is made of brushed stainless steel, as is the section, whereas the rest of the body is made of Makrolon- a high-tech polycarbonate material. I don’t know what that really means, but I have learned that Makrolon is durable and feels great in hand. There’s a matte, VERY finely ridged feeling to the material- smooth with just a hint of texture. I love it.

Stainless brushed clip
Stainless steel, brushed clip & a closer look at the Makrolon

LAMY branding
The branding is, you guessed it, subtle.

Maybe my favorite part of the pen is its 14kt gold, platinum-coated, hooded nib. I ordered an EF and am thrilled with how it writes. The line is fine, juicy, and exceptionally smooth.

Sweet EF nib
Simply perfect. EF and juicy.

Breather hole
Breather hole

I’ve read of some not-so-happy 2000 owners having less than stellar writing experiences, so it appears that there may be some nib inconsistencies. I ordered my pen from The Goulet Pen Company where each Lamy 2000 is QC’ed in-house prior to shipment. If my pen is any indication, they’re doing a great job weeding out the occasional dud. (Thanks, Drew, for inspecting and approving my pen!)

The slip-on cap is held in place by tiny ears, and feels very secure. The ears bother some “princess and the pea” type folks, but they in no way interfere with my grip, so are a non-issue for me.

Nib & ears
How the cap stays on

I enjoy my Lamy Safaris and AL-Stars in all their colors, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lamy 2000. What a design. What longevity. What an icon.


For Stephen Brown’s video review of this pen (the one I studied over and over), click here.

For an amazingly complete 4-part history of the Lamy 2000, click here.

24 thoughts on “Icon: Lamy 2000 (Makrolon)

  1. Thanks for your succinct reviews! I didn’t know I was interested in this pen! I think the design is fresh and clean, and – like a Sheaffer triumph nib – will remain so.

    My favorite quote: “EF and juicy”. Only penfolk would understand!

  2. I am fairly new to the world of fountain pens and thank you for your review. It looks like a wonderful, solid pen and something that may have to go onto my wish list!

  3. Great review! I really need to grab one of these but sadly the goulets only go up to broad and I’ll need double broad. I’ve seen them on eBay and I’m guessing they’re only available in Europe. An oblique broad might be fun too

  4. Great write-up of my favorite pen! It’s understated nature and how well integrated everything is makes me think of it as much classier than other choices the uninitiated may mistakenly buy (and I almost did) when looking for a truly nice fountain pen. The luxury brand still may wind up in my collection at some point, but this pen in a Fine nib and Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue are a heavenly combination for me. (Though I want to try tsuki-yo, now, too!)

    • Thanks! I figured I’d like it but had no idea that I’d fall this hard! Even though it’s pricey, it’s made me stop craving even pricier pens…so in that way, it’s a bargain, right?

  5. That’s another pen to add to my list. Like you, I’m really happy with the various Safari (and Vista) pens I already have but this review has me seriously thinking about the 2000 now. The finish looks very nice indeed.

  6. Those pens have always interested me, but I’ve never even tried one out. I’ll have to do that at the next pen show I go to. Does the grip get slippery when you write with it for a while? That’s my only worry…

    • I haven’t felt that it’s too slippery but I haven’t written for extended periods as yet, or in warm weather, etc. Probably a good idea for you to test drive. I’m seriously impressed thus far!

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  8. I love this pen, it’s a totally different and superior creature from the Safari. I used to think the section grip would be too smooth that my fingers would slide down it as I write, but in reality this has never happened. Mine has a juicy F nib, and is a pleasure to write with. Thanks for this review!

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  10. Thanx a lot. I was just about to pull the trigger on some kit with my Amazon mad money and I read this! Now it’ll be another month of agonizing indecision!

    No, really Mary, thank you for your exceptional review–I really liked the “Princess and the pea” bit. I can’t imagine those itty-bitty cap securers on the 2000 irritating anyone but the most oversensitive, but while I take a second to adjust my tiara, can I just say that I despise the grip-grooves carved out of my Vista–they make this lovely pen all but unuseable for me!

    Also, your photos detailing the subtle design features of the 2000 are fantastic. I never would have known these things but for your review. Very, very well done.

    • Yup…lots of folks dislike the contoured grip on the Safaris, AL-Stars, and Vistas. It doesn’t bother me, but I can see where it could be problematic. Glad the Lamy 2000 review was helpful. I still LOVE this pen.

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