Gifting: The Cross Click Gel Pen

Cross Click Gel Pen
Cross Click: Easy to wrap!

It’s a multi-tasking evening here, and one of the things I’m chipping away at is my Christmas wrapping. I’m making good progress, but every now and then I come to a gift that’s hard to wrap (i.e., it’s not a square), and I kick myself for buying irregularly shaped things. The Cross Click Gel Pen boxed set that I recently picked up at Staples (one for me, and a few others for gifts) is a cinch to wrap. Big check in the plus column!

I’ve been eyeing the Click online for awhile, and after reading this review on Gourmet Pens, knew I had to try it out for myself. The pen consistently runs $25 online, but on a trip to Staples, I spied the boxed version for $19.99. Sold! What’s cool is that this set includes three refills, a black one in the pen, and a black and a blue for later use. There’s also a small velvet pouch for storing your Click.

Cross Click
Satin Black body

The only downside is that Staples doesn’t carry the cool teal color that I’ve seen online. I kind of had my heart set on that, but when that choice wasn’t available, I picked the Satin Black version. I’m partial to matte finishes and this is a nice one. Other colors available were white, royal blue, and a darkish pink, all in the matte finish.

The Click
Serious clickage

The clicker (or “knock”) on this pen is SOLID…a joy to click. The mechanism feels sturdy and not at all wishy-washy. The only problem is ME. I’m so used to Cross pens being twist-type pens, that I find myself trying to extend the tip by twisting the body before I remember that there’s a clicker. Old dog, new tricks.

The branding is very tasteful, just the word “Cross,” in white, on the top of the clip. Nice.

This is a narrow pen, and may be too narrow for some. I’ve apparently gotten used to using thicker pens, as I’m still a bit surprised by the thinness when I first pick it up. But I quickly adjust and go on my merry writing way.

0.7 mm Gel Tip
Matte black body and the 0.7 mm gel tip

The gel refill is 0.7 mm so the line is a medium width and is also very dark and solid. Even though it’s a thicker line than what I’ve become accustomed to, I enjoy using the Click. The build quality is apparent and the writing experience is a smooth one.

Writing sample
Smoooooth writing with the Cross Click

So if you need a gift that’s affordable, useful, well-made, and EASY TO WRAP, look no further than the Cross Click Gel Pen gift set at Staples. With a deal this good, who needs Santa?


I’m not affiliated with Staples or Cross Pens, just a happy customer.

Who am I kidding…I still need Santa.

6 thoughts on “Gifting: The Cross Click Gel Pen

  1. Yaaay! Lovely pics, as always. I do fancy the black matte but I too wish I could have gotten my grubby little paws on the teal hehe. I totally totally love the clicker too. SO. CLICKY!

  2. I have to disagree on the feel of the click mechanism. It feels flimsy to me, compared to other click action pens I own. My first few uses saw 3 jams in the first 10 “regular speed” clicks. That has not reoccurred, and the pen has worked perfectly since. Otherwise, the Click is a nice pen that does put down a dark and smooth line on lots of papers.

    • Hmmmm…mine’s been a solid performer thus far. I’m a compulsive “clicker” so we’ll see how it holds up under a nervous tic!

  3. Picked up the white version which actually turns out to be “Pearl”.On closer inspection you can see metallic flake in the white enamel. I would also second Hubert’s opinion on the clicker.Even a cheap G2 mechanism seems sturdy in comparison.

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