EDC: The Pen Project

I’m strangely fascinated by EDC (everyday carry) photos…those pictures of the daily “essentials” that people carry in their pockets or bags or purses. I’m ESPECIALLY drawn to the ones featuring pens and notebooks (as opposed to knives and phones and watches), which is not the least bit shocking, I know.

So when I stumbled onto The Pen Project (by Ian Schon) on Kickstarter (love his video), I signed up in a nanosecond. Well, quickly, anyway. Ian is an engineering student who designed the perfect EDC pen. Mine arrived a few weeks ago, and it truly is carried every day. I have one of those “all other duties as assigned” jobs, and folks are always passing along issues while I’m running around. I FINALLY learned to carry an index card or two to jot down these “on the fly” notes, so having a pen AT ALL TIMES is essential. This pen has been a godsend. It’s with me, but it’s not in my way.

Ian Schon’s pen and my Leatherman Micra…both EDC

Designed and machined in Massachusetts, the pen is 100% USA made, including the Fisher Space Pen refill (which is made in NV). I was immediately drawn to the minimalist look, and impressed with the thought and work that Ian put into the design. It’s as impressive in hand as it is in concept.

The closed pen measures just shy of four inches…nicely compact…but extends to just under six inches when the cap is screwed onto the back of the body, making it full-size for writing.

Transformed for writing

The body is made of an aluminum alloy, and features a brass setscrew, which is removed to replace the Fisher refill. (I use my little Leatherman to do that.) Because the body is fully sealed, there’s no risk of the pen coming apart, or uncapped, in your pocket.

Brass setscrew. Nice accent and functional.

Popping in a new refill is as easy as removing the setscrew, pressing down on the tip of the old refill to loosen it, then replacing the refill and the screw. And because the pen takes the Fisher Space Pen refill, I can take notes in zero gravity, upside down, and in extreme cold and heat. In case, you know, there is a need to do so. This is a refill that you can rely on, no matter WHAT your day throws at you.


Ian’s pen is made to be used AND to last. And last. And last a little longer. How rare that is, and how refreshing.

Do you have an EDC pen? I’d love to know.

8 thoughts on “EDC: The Pen Project

    • Hope yours arrives soon! I’m finding this to be the perfect EDC pen for me. If anything, I’m liking it even more than when I first received it. Enjoy!

  1. Hi; new to your site, learning a lot while having fun – to answer your EDC pen question, I carry a Fisher Black Bullet Space Pen. I carry it IN my wallet. The wallet is called the T.H.E. Wallet and it contains a small zippered mesh compartment. I carry the FSP in there, along with a micro USB thumb drive. This pen is always with me for when I need a pen.

    At work I currently use a Zebra F-701, black w/ fine point. This pen stays in my cube. Finally, in my EDC bag I carry the original Surefire pen (EWP-01). Previously I carried a Cross Medalist.

    thanks again!

  2. A nice review . The pen looks really nice. As an EDC pen for a quick note I would think the pen and Fisher refill are ultra reliable. But that is where my like for the Fisher refills ends; I want to like them but when I look at my writing later (and even your writing in the pictures) the Fisher ink leaves large gaps or skips in one’s writing. I want to like the refills but can’t get over the skips..it more noticeable in the blue (which is a lovely dark blue). Sigh, if only they flowed better.

    • Agreed! I use it more for quick notes rather than for serious writing because of the “flow” issue. Reliability and easy carry make this pen work for me for capturing “on the fly” notes. For actual “writing,” I’ll choose something that writes better/cleaner, for sure.

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