Both Worlds: Monteverde Invincia Stylus (F nib) in Matte Chrome

The Matte Chrome Monteverde Invincia Stylus

My handwritten thoughts

I’m a bouncer. All day long I hop between digital devices and applications (Clear, Evernote, Day One, Twitter, email) and my favorite paper products (Field Notes, Frictionless Capture Cards, Rhodia dotPads, and plain old scrap paper).

iPad and dotPad

Analog capture hub

I keep “on the fly” notes in both places…in the Clear app on my iPhone, and on paper, depending on where I am when the mood or need strikes. I love the feel of pen on paper as much as I enjoy fiddling around with iPad and iPhone apps. Evernote is, ultimately, the place where I bring all all of my lists and tasks and brainstorming together. Everything syncs and I feel calm. Calmish. I feel calmish.

Monteverde Invincia Stylus. Shiny!

So. Yeah. Like so many of us, I’m a fan of digital AND analog tools. Apps and paper. Pens and styluses (stylii?). Which is where the Monteverde Invincia Stylus comes in. Sweet fountain pen on one end, high quality stylus on the other. I can write a letter with the pen, then poke around on my iPad with the stylus. One tool for both worlds. Happy Mary.

As I mentioned in my handwritten review, the stylus works very well on my iDevices. I’ve found using a few other styluses to be frustrating. Usually they’re too mushy and I end up having to tap the screen repeatedly to get a response. At that point, I go back to using my finger. But the response from the Monteverde stylus has been great, probably because it has a “fingerlike” firmness. I’m really impressed with how well it functions. This is not a “novelty” stylus.

Stylus and matte black clip

Stellar nib

The nib is a bit oversized, which I enjoy. The dark nib and black matte accents look great against the matte chrome finish of the body. In the right light, this thing SHINES. And it writes great. No scratchiness. No drag. Filled with Private Reserve’s DC Supershow Blue, I’m finding this pen to be one that I make excuses to use. Just an all around fun package.

Bottom line? iLove.

6 thoughts on “Both Worlds: Monteverde Invincia Stylus (F nib) in Matte Chrome

  1. btw, how do you like evernote? ever since white lines started their “link” type notebook paper, i’ve started playing around with evernote and was wondering if i am being productive or just being silly

    • I’m using it more and more. I send pictures of receipts to it, and it’s where I keep all of my GTD type lists (action, waiting, maybe/someday, etc.). That way they’re with me on home and work desktops, iPhone, & iPad. Working well so far! I think I could be using it even more than I currently am. Great tool!

  2. Does the cap post well? I have a regular Invincia on which the cap simply doesn’t post (and it would make the pen too top-heavy if it could). I’m thinking that posting would be a necessity to switch quickly between pen and stylus.

    • I don’t normally post, so I had to check. It does post fine, but I’d consider it a little top heavy. Not terrible, but a bit heavier than I like. I generally use the stylus when the pen’s capped. (i.e., I don’t do a lot of back and forth…it’s more like write for a bit, then do stylusy things for a bit.) BTW-“stylusy” should totally be a word.

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