You, too, can have The Perfect Pen Case.

The Pen Case…from concept to reality [Photo from the project’s Kickstarter page]

Obviously, I own my share of pens, and I’m always giving the new pen projects on Kickstarter the once over. Some I’ve backed, and some I haven’t. The Render K has become a daily carry pen, and I’m waiting for a few more projects to wrap up production and ship. Kickstarter is a super cool way for folks to promote their products/projects, and for those interested to get in on the ground floor and provide the funding to “kickstart” the project.

Given the number of pens I own, I’m particularly excited to back Alicia Klein’s project- The Pen Case. I’m always looking for ways to carry my pens, and Alicia’s product is both unique in design and looks, while still being practical. What I really like, in addition to this being an excellent way to carry my pens, is that I can set the case on my desk and use it to corral the pen clutter that invariably happens as my work day wears on. My pens will be organized AND protected, at home, at work, and on the go.

End the desktop clutter [Photo from the project’s Kickstarter page]

But there’s a catch…Alicia’s Kickstarter project has 10 more days to go and needs a little over $1000 in pledges to reach its funding goal. She’s in the homestretch. Let’s make The Perfect Pen Case a reality, ‘k?

I really want one. Don’t you?

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