Win-Win: The Uniball Jetstream, Rubber Body Series (Orange, 0.7 mm)

I remember the day distinctly. The scene: 2004, Staples, pen aisle. I was doing my usual pen stalking, on the look-out for anything new, intriguing, interesting, promising. I stalk with a very critical eye as I learned long ago that you can’t trust the promises plastered on pen packaging. Just because the package yells, “SMOOTHEST PEN ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH,” doesn’t mean it’s true. How many times had I been sucked in by promises of dark smooth lines, only to be disappointed by “meh” performances? Too many times. Too many times. And yet, the stalking continued.

This day, on an aisle end cap, I stopped. Stopped dead, and thought, “Hmmmm…what’s this?!” Maybe I even said it out loud. “Ooooo…an Uniball Jetstream…worth a shot.” I think it was a pack of Jetstream Sports that I picked up that day. Back in my car, I tore open the package and scribbled a few lines on the receipt and on the back of the package. I IMMEDIATELY knew that this pen/ink was different. No more “meh.” The ink was smooth. It was bold. It was solid. It was the blackest black I’d seen in a long time (or ever). Angels with tiny harps sang HALLELUJAH in their perfect angels voices. (Didn’t they?) The quest- the decades-long quest- was over. You don’t forget that kind of day.

Since then, I’ve been a faithful Jetstream fan. I’ve purchased and used capped versions, retractable versions, and a bunch of multipen versions. The low viscosity ink is just amazingly smooth. I’ve never been without some form of Jetstream pen. Even as I branch out into other brands, other price points, and other ink types, the Jetstream remains a “go to” pen. Want a superb writing experience? Grab a Jetstream. It’s that simple.

Uniball Jetstream Rubber Body Series

This particular model is from the Rubber Body Series (0.7 mm, orange body), purchased from JetPens, and is a current favorite. The rubber body is smooth and warm, with just a bit of grip. I like the matte finish on the knock and the…ummmm, what’s it called?…the nosecone?

At work

At play

Monday morning

Relaxing on Saturday

At $4.25, it’s a great pen at a great deal. You simply can’t go wrong with a Jetstream. And you REALLY can’t go wrong with a rubber body ORANGE Jetstream.

Writing sample

Ah, yes…2004. It was a very good year.


AND NOW, YOU can WIN this pen! That’s right (write!)…I have a brand new orange Jetstream to give away. Here’s how it works:

1) Post a comment here (one per person, please). Say hi, offer an opinion, tell me why you’d like to win, tell me about your favorite pen(s)…

2) The deadline for commenting is 11:59 pm Sunday May 27th.

3) The first entry will be assigned #1, the 2nd will be assigned #2, etc. You get the drift.

4) On Monday May 28th, I’ll select the winner via a random number generator, and post the result here. We’ll sort out the mailing details after that.

5) Until I figure out what shipping pens internationally entails, this contest is open to US residents only. (Sorry about that!)

The best part? Even if you don’t win, you can pick up this awesome pen at JetPens yourself for less than the cost of a McDonald’s lunch. THAT’S a WIN-WIN situation.

Good luck.


33 thoughts on “Win-Win: The Uniball Jetstream, Rubber Body Series (Orange, 0.7 mm)

  1. I like you post, especially after the busy/serious day I had. Pen stalking. Very catchy and I must admit I fall into that category. I also stalk notebooks, pads and journals.

  2. Oh my goodness. You know… I have a lot of pens, but I have yet to try a Uni-ball Jetstream. I know. I’m almost ashamed to admit it. I really have to remedy this, right?? Thank you so much for the giveaway! Perhaps I will luck out muahaha!

  3. HI! I would love to win this pen because

    #1I love Jetstreams as these are my favorite pen of all time The jetstream has the responsiveness and feel of a ball point, while providing effortless seemless and opaque black ink like a gel. I love it.

    #2 I like orange color 🙂 My most Favorite Color 🙂

  4. a truly lovely pen. The Jetstream would surely complement my orange Sheaffer No-Nonsense, my orange Lamy Safari Ballpoint, my orange Dr. Grip Center-of-Gravity, and my orange Xonex silicone pen. Compulsive? Who, me? Nah. Time for a beverage. Tropicana, anyone?

  5. I absolutely love JetStream pens! I always have one in my pocket along with a Hi-Tec-C for when I need super fine lines.

  6. I love Jetstream pens a lot… and the color orange is one of my favorites. 🙂 Thank you for the chance ^^

  7. Passionate about pens? Loves jetpens? Knows when the right grip meets the right ink flow meets the perfect pen body? Orange?!!! We’re we separated at birth? Love!

  8. I am a pen-aholic. What better way to try a new pen then to win it. My current fave is the stabil 0.5mm. Buy it at jetpens as well!

  9. Completely agree, the Uniball Jetstream is my favorite pen out there. I make it a point to make sure supply cabinet is stocked with more.

  10. In reading your blog i felt like i was reading a page out of my journal. I too love to stalk the pen aisles for whatever is new! I’ve used the jetstream & they r one of my favs, especially the 1.0. I’ve never tried the .07 & would relish the opportunity to try 1.

  11. Having converted to gel pens, I rarely use ballpoints. But, sometimes, the rugged tip of a ballpoint is necessary for a particular task. Jetstreams are the best compromise between gels and ballpoints. And, orange is a really useful color for a rarely used, but very important pen. Thanks for making the give-away available.

  12. My favorite pen of all time is the Uni-ball Vision micro, but I’ve been searching for a nice retractable pen. I tried Signo, but the ink flow changes/stops depending on the angle. I was considering this pen and would love to give it a try.

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